Top Free Graphic Design Apps

Shares is an excellent, uncomplicated way to create visual design pieces. Whether is comes to designing posters, invitations, or even social media image templates, will likely suit your needs. Canva is also great for more business-oriented documents, like resumes or slide presentations. You can either start from predesigned templates or create something completely new from scratch. Whatever you may be designing, Canva allows you to customize font, colors, background, added elements, page orientation, as well as many other features. You are constantly able to save and download all of your visual creations completely free of charge. Canva offers great suggestions when it comes to organizing projects through templates. It provides maximum potential for organizing aesthetically appealing projects. is overall very user-friendly and is a quick, free way to design most types of visual content. is another simple to use design program that a few key design focuses, which include collages, general page design, and photo editing. The collage feature lets you access various pre-made templates in order to create an aesthetic event invitation, card, creative piece, etc.. You are easily able to upload images and customize visuals, along with font, layout, effects, etc.. With the design option, Fotojet allows you to choose from a variety of project templates to work on. This is a universal design feature which doesn’t have as specific of a focus. It simply lets you choose a template, like a poster or social media template, and pretty much organize every aspect, similarly to the collage specific feature. The photo editing option within Fotojet is a great way to fine tune an image for use within a project. With the free version, you are able to physically alter uploaded images in aspects such as size or color. You are also able to crop or rotate the image and perform a variety of enhancing effects. is another great and easy way to alter and design images as well as visual content. It is essential for the personal designer. operates in a similar way to Canva and Fotojet. You essentially choose the type of project that you wish to create, and it provides you with an array of different templates to build on. There are options to organize any type of social media post, infographic, or display ad, as well as many more types of visual projects. You may choose from many available templates, which allow you to customize and design all aspects of the visual. A few of these convenient customizable features include background, image refining effects, many different font choices, clipart graphics, and others. Snappa presents the design program in a slightly more technical way than the other programs, as there are more specific aspects you are able to alter in a project. There is a paid version of Snappa that allows you to save images and access more templates. However, this is not necessary to get effective use out of Snappa. is another great way to design a visual project, all the way down to the fine details. It has effective use in both business and education and is a perfect utility for individual designers.

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