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Google Forms – Self Grading Quizzes

This video tutorial will show you how to use the new grading feature in the New Google Forms. Create quizzes in Google Forms and have students quickly see their results. Google Forms will mark the test you have created.

Control your Android on PC or Mac with Vysor


This short video tutorial will show you how to use Vysor. Connect your device through USB and Vysor allows you to display and control your Android device on your computer. Install this free app and give it a try.

Learn Padlet – Collect and Share your Thoughts on One Wall

Think of Padlet as a wall where you can express your thoughts on a common topic. Collect your ideas through text, link, images, videos, bookmarks and more.  Share your Padlet with as many or with as little people as you wish and you control how you want your invites to contribute to your Padlet. Padlet lets you customize the look of your wall and the style of your content placement. Padlet is FREE to use, there are certain features that do require a membership.

Google Apps – 4 Great Resouces


Looking for  a quick place to find resources for Google Apps. From beginner to expert check out the links below.

Google Apps Learning Center:
Google Help:
Google for Work | Connect:

For a more detailed explanation of the sites and the fourth resource, take a look at the video below.

Dreamscope – Turn Your Photos into Paintings


Here’s a fun app that’s free and easy to use.  Dreamscope is available on your iPhone, iPad or use it with on your browser at

Quickly (in 3-5 minutes) render your photos you take or upload into a fantastic piece of art. Share away or keep it private by clicking the little globe or lock before you process your picture.  

There is no filter on the pictures that get displayed from others sharing ,so if you are using it in your classroom for some quick designs keep this in mind.

Take a look at the video below for a quick walk through.


The Sway Way – How to use Microsoft Sway

I believe Sway  is one of those apps that you will see the use of increase dramatically in education and for personal use. The key components of Microsoft Sway that will increase its popularity is; it’s free, dynamic and easy to use.

Included as part of  Microsoft’s free online office suite, all you need to do is log in with your Microsoft account to get instant access.

Once you are in you will find the storyline, where you easily drag your images and text to.  A preview of your Sway is instantly shown to the right. A simple click on design and navigation will show you a fast way to adjust your Sway’s look, but even simpler, just hit the remix button. Take a closer look at Microsoft Sway in the video below.

Periscope – Popping up Everywhere!


Making it way to the “Best of 2015” list in the Apple App Store, Periscope is a free, easy to use and fascinating app that is sure to grow exponentially. When you show Periscope to new users their curiosity instantly peaks and the ease of the app gets them quickly exploring.

The first time I received my first scope and saw turtles crawling up on a beach in Hawaii, I thought this can add a lot of engagement to education. Virtual field trips, expert speakers, interviews, collaboration are all easily reached through this app.

Yes, there would be privacy issues to deal with but as with all social media platforms used in education a proper plan should be in place.

As Perioscope would say, “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”

Check out the video below to see how Periscope works.

Explee – Animate your Ideas!


I tried out this Explee app a few weeks ago with my grade 5 students and they loved it!  Within 20 minutes they were producing and sharing cool looking animations. In fact, another teacher thought we were watching a professionally made video about Explee when we were viewing the students work.

I am sure the hand-drawing tool will get overused by kids in their animations but that would be a good time to bring up tips about creating an effective presentation.

The downside of this app is that there is no the free version for education use.  There is a 14-day trial that you can use and you are able to download the videos as a .mp4.

With the ease of learning Explee and the ability to download the students work, it makes for an effective app to use for free during the free trial.

Check it out

Here’s a video tutorial to show how easy it is to use.


Manage your day in Google Keep


I must say I use Google Keep more than I thought I would. I have an Evernote account and I think it a great application, which I do use daily. The two applications have similarities and different users will definitely see different strengths in both. But I digress, this video is not about Evernote, it’s about Google Keep.

Simple. That’s how I would best describe Google Keep. If you have ever used sticky notes, you will get the idea.  Once you start playing with Google Keep, you’ll figure it out quickly.

I think the three neatest features that it offers are: sharing, optical character recognition (OCR), and labeling. Again, once you execute the function the first time, you will remember how you did it.

Try Google Keep, click here.

So what will you see in the below video?

  • Create a Note
  • Searching & Labels
  • Sharing
  • OCR & Copy to Google Doc

4 Terrific Time-Saving Tips in Google Docs


Here are some time-saving tips for you in Google Docs. I find these features are generally overlooked, so I thought I would put together a video showcasing them.

  • Suggesting Mode
  • Image Masking
  • Creating Columns
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

These four items can really help you maximize working in Google Docs.