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OneNote – For the Productive Individual


Microsoft OneNote is basically a digital notebook application that is available through Microsoft’s OneDrive service, as well as for download on most computers and smart devices. OneNote provides a fairly simple way to compile thoughts and organize ideas in a digital format while sharing those thoughts and ideas with other people to collaborate on.

OneNote works like a blank page where you can create and paste almost any kind of content. Through it, you have the ability to type forms of information, draw freehand images, import content such as images, video and audio clips, and organize all of this content in however manner you prefer. OneNote also allows you to import content from Outlook email or Excel spreadsheets, providing a universal way to gather content from your Microsoft account. With this app you are able to sync all of your created content across all devices, as long as you have the application downloaded. It is available on Android and iOS devices, and certain features are also compatible with wearable technology, maximizing this universal ability.

OneNote has very effective use within a school classroom, provided through the Class Notebook Add-in. This is an extra feature offered by Microsoft for OneNote specifically for the use of teachers and students. Class Notebook gives teachers the opportunity to create handouts for students and allow the students to have a personal, digital workspace. Students and teachers will no longer require the use of physical paper with the implementation of Class Notebook. Teachers may also easily review the work of students through this feature.

OneNote is an excellent option for the gathering and creation of ideas in really any situation that calls for thought organization. It has optimal use in both a professional and personal use and is universal in its method of compiling data. OneNote is an essential tool for productive task organization that is necessary in the life of the inventive individual.

Edit Videos for Free in YouTube

In a hurry and on a budget to get your next video edited and uploaded to YouTube? Well, you’re in luck! Log into your YouTube account, upload your video then take a look under Create and you will find the YouTube Video Editor.

For free this editor will let you adjust your footage through many handy functions:

  • Combine multiple videos and images you’ve uploaded to create a new video.
  • Trim your clips to custom lengths.
  • Add music to your video from a library of approved tracks.
  • Customize clips with special tools and effects.

Watch the below video for an in-depth explanation:

Start Collecting Data With The New Google Forms


Google Forms is an online application located in Google Drive that allows for users to easily create surveys, tests, and web input forms, etc.. It is a convenient and free method to quickly gather information from a group of people who are selectively given access through an email or web link.

Google Forms allows for a form to be linked with a spreadsheet (Google Sheets), so that data can be compiled in a concise way, tracked, and graphically displayed if the creator chooses. Many predesigned visual templates are available to create a form with, ranging in colors and style, so that a survey or test can be organized to match its purpose. The way in which people are able to answer questions in Google Forms is also customizable, and can be formatted in the form of short answer, multiple choice, as well as others. Survey questions are able to be made mandatory depending on the given application, but can also be made optionally skipped if the question is not vital (data will simply be left out of the final result if this is the case).  

As with most online applications offered by Google, Google Forms has the functionality of being able to be shared among a group of collaborators who are collectively working on a project. Responses can at any time during the sampling process be summarized within the application, so information like the number of people who have responded, and real-time data regarding specific responses can be accessed.

Overall, Google Forms has an extensive amount of applications when is comes to event planning, poll gathering, quizzes, and many other general purposes. Whether it comes to gathering important data within the workplace, organizing a quiz/test within a school classroom, or checking to see who can attend an event, Google Forms is an extremely useful tool for compiling data.

For a detailed tutorial how to use the New Google Forms, please watch the videos below.


Sneak Peak – The New Google Sites


I received early access for the new Google Sites to create this video. Full access isn’t available yet for Google App accounts.

This video tutorial will show you how to use the NEW Google Sites. Quickly make professional looking websites with the thew new Google Sites. Add content to a page, edit and create new pages, moving the menu bar and publishing will all be covered in this video about the New Google Sites.

Google Forms – Self Grading Quizzes

This video tutorial will show you how to use the new grading feature in the New Google Forms. Create quizzes in Google Forms and have students quickly see their results. Google Forms will mark the test you have created.

Control your Android on PC or Mac with Vysor


This short video tutorial will show you how to use Vysor. Connect your device through USB and Vysor allows you to display and control your Android device on your computer. Install this free app and give it a try.

Learn Padlet – Collect and Share your Thoughts on One Wall

Think of Padlet as a wall where you can express your thoughts on a common topic. Collect your ideas through text, link, images, videos, bookmarks and more.  Share your Padlet with as many or with as little people as you wish and you control how you want your invites to contribute to your Padlet. Padlet lets you customize the look of your wall and the style of your content placement. Padlet is FREE to use, there are certain features that do require a membership.

Google Apps – 4 Great Resouces


Looking for  a quick place to find resources for Google Apps. From beginner to expert check out the links below.

Google Apps Learning Center:
Google Help:
Google for Work | Connect:

For a more detailed explanation of the sites and the fourth resource, take a look at the video below.

Dreamscope – Turn Your Photos into Paintings

Here’s a fun app that’s free and easy to use.  Dreamscope is available on your iPhone, iPad or use it with on your browser at

Quickly (in 3-5 minutes) render your photos you take or upload into a fantastic piece of art. Share away or keep it private by clicking the little globe or lock before you process your picture.  

There is no filter on the pictures that get displayed from others sharing ,so if you are using it in your classroom for some quick designs keep this in mind.

Take a look at the video below for a quick walk through.


The Sway Way – How to use Microsoft Sway

I believe Sway  is one of those apps that you will see the use of increase dramatically in education and for personal use. The key components of Microsoft Sway that will increase its popularity is; it’s free, dynamic and easy to use.

Included as part of  Microsoft’s free online office suite, all you need to do is log in with your Microsoft account to get instant access.

Once you are in you will find the storyline, where you easily drag your images and text to.  A preview of your Sway is instantly shown to the right. A simple click on design and navigation will show you a fast way to adjust your Sway’s look, but even simpler, just hit the remix button. Take a closer look at Microsoft Sway in the video below.


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