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Prezi – Customize the Ultimate Presentation

Prezi – Customize the Ultimate Presentation

Prezi is a unique and popular presentation software that is available in a free, public format, or a paid private version. Prezi can be effectively used in many situations, including business and education. With Prezi, you can completely customize the way that a visual presentation operates, and personalize it for any given scenario. It works like a blank canvas containing endless space where you can write content and paste images. These written segments and images are connected with a “path”, where you can set the order in which content is presented. You are then able to format the presentation however you wish.


Prezi offers many pre-made templates to base a presentation off of, but you are able to completely start from scratch. In Prezi you create and set the location of individual frames in the open space, where you may create written content or upload photos, videos, charts, etc.. The thing with Prezi is that there is no boundary to where you set the content. Once the actual content is finished, the method by which it is presented may be customized. This can be done by altering the viewpoint of the presentation at certain moments and adding animations to objects on the page. Colors and styles may be fine tuned to fit the occasion, and the background is entirely customizable. Prezi also offers many other individual features to create the perfect, specific look to a presentation.


Prezi presentations can be viewed or presented on all mobile devices, and can be worked on via the web or offline for computers. Premium versions of Prezi feature the ability to edit images to be used in presentations. All Prezi presentations are stored in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere. With Prezi, you are able to collaborate in real time on presentations with team members, which comes in useful for both business and education. Prezi offers great customer support to deal with concerns about the application, and also provides a Prezi blog so that users can constantly learn more about the capabilities of Prezi.


Prezi is a great way to personalize a presentation for any purpose you may need it for. It is completely customizable and offers a stylish and unique way to share information. Prezi is a new and interesting way to present, compared to conventional methods of providing information.



Haiku Deck – An Alternative Presentation App

Haiku Deck – An Alternative Presentation App

Haiku Deck is an interesting and fairly new presentation web app that puts an emphasis on aesthetics. The basic version operates similarly to Google Slides or Powerpoint in that you have a set slide where you can organize content. Haiku Deck offers a decent number of preset themes and allows you to customize colors and charts within a presentation.

The defining aspect of Haiku Deck is its accessible database of Creative Commons images for use within presentations as backgrounds. They are searchable via keyword and add an artistic yet professional layout to the presentation. Other than this feature of Creative Commons images, Haiku Deck provides many other ways to personalize a presentation. These include things like font, layout, image filters, as well as others.

Haiku Deck is a cloud-based service, meaning you are able to access it on any compatible device at any time. Currently, Haiku Deck only supports the web and iOS devices and is, unfortunately, unavailable for Android. There is a range in prices that you could potentially pay for Haiku Deck, with a corresponding range of accessible features. However, there is a free, public version that will provide for your general needs within the web app.  

Within the classroom, Haiku Deck acts as a great way for educators to directly share and organize curriculum. As Haiku Deck is based on concise and logical methods of conveying information, it is a perfect way to draw the attention of students. The image database contributes to this purpose as well, always offering a way to grab the attention of any viewer through beautiful, photographic images.

Overall, Haiku Deck offers very nice looking presentation formats that are optimal for delivering information quickly. It provides a great way to organize ‘point-form’ information and pair it with unique images. While Haiku Deck is a great alternative to traditional forms of presentation, it isn’t the best option for conveying large amounts of data. If one wanted to give an extensive lecture or present a very detailed graph for business, Haiku Deck may not be the best option. It is an amazing way to organize short and quick content, but not so much for large compilations of content. In the right circumstances,  is the perfect way to present is a concise, organized way.  


Powerful Mobile Monitoring – XNSPY


Cell Phone Monitoring is Going Mainstream

XNSPY is already being used by more than 90 000 parents and 45 000 employers to monitor mobile devices. Children are getting phones and tablets younger and younger these days which can lead to inappropriate or unsafe situations. XNSPY allows for parents to comfortably monitor their child’s phone or tablet’s activity. XNSPY also allows employers to monitor employees activity whether it be through their phone activity or using the GPS to see their location through the day. Check out the different editions available with

How it works

To use XNSPY, you will have to install the app on the device that you want to monitor. Except for the iCloud version on iOS that works only using the iCloud credentials of the target person. After downloading and installing the app, you can either hide it or keep it visible depending on how you want to monitor. To access data, you will be required to use the online control panel – XNSPY Dashboard.


It can monitor calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, phonebook entries, so basically, the app deeply scrutinises every phone log that’s stored on a Smartphone/iPhone.

It’s has a GPS tracker that can be very useful for parents to check their kids’ whereabouts.

The app can be used to create Watch list alerts for geo-fenced places, contacts and even words used by the target person.

Geo-fencing is a great tool to restrict kids from places that you think they shouldn’t be wandering around.

What else is interesting about this app?

It has remote capabilities that can be used to send commands on the monitored device for deleting the on-storage data or for locking it so when locked kids can have quality dinner time with family.

It can also remotely take a screenshot.

XNSPY definitely has the features that you would need to monitor or track, but that’s possibly not the only reason why it has so many users. Watch the demo below!

Click to check out the site: XNSPY

Dreamscope – Turn Your Photos into Paintings

Here’s a fun app that’s free and easy to use.  Dreamscope is available on your iPhone, iPad or use it with on your browser at

Quickly (in 3-5 minutes) render your photos you take or upload into a fantastic piece of art. Share away or keep it private by clicking the little globe or lock before you process your picture.  

There is no filter on the pictures that get displayed from others sharing ,so if you are using it in your classroom for some quick designs keep this in mind.

Take a look at the video below for a quick walk through.


The Sway Way – How to use Microsoft Sway

I believe Sway  is one of those apps that you will see the use of increase dramatically in education and for personal use. The key components of Microsoft Sway that will increase its popularity is; it’s free, dynamic and easy to use.

Included as part of  Microsoft’s free online office suite, all you need to do is log in with your Microsoft account to get instant access.

Once you are in you will find the storyline, where you easily drag your images and text to.  A preview of your Sway is instantly shown to the right. A simple click on design and navigation will show you a fast way to adjust your Sway’s look, but even simpler, just hit the remix button. Take a closer look at Microsoft Sway in the video below.

Periscope – Popping up Everywhere!


Making it way to the “Best of 2015” list in the Apple App Store, Periscope is a free, easy to use and fascinating app that is sure to grow exponentially. When you show Periscope to new users their curiosity instantly peaks and the ease of the app gets them quickly exploring.

The first time I received my first scope and saw turtles crawling up on a beach in Hawaii, I thought this can add a lot of engagement to education. Virtual field trips, expert speakers, interviews, collaboration are all easily reached through this app.

Yes, there would be privacy issues to deal with but as with all social media platforms used in education a proper plan should be in place.

As Perioscope would say, “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”

Check out the video below to see how Periscope works.

Explee – Animate your Ideas!

I tried out this Explee app a few weeks ago with my grade 5 students and they loved it!  Within 20 minutes they were producing and sharing cool looking animations. In fact, another teacher thought we were watching a professionally made video about Explee when we were viewing the students work.

I am sure the hand-drawing tool will get overused by kids in their animations but that would be a good time to bring up tips about creating an effective presentation.

The downside of this app is that there is no the free version for education use.  There is a 14-day trial that you can use and you are able to download the videos as a .mp4.

With the ease of learning Explee and the ability to download the students work, it makes for an effective app to use for free during the free trial.

Check it out

Here’s a video tutorial to show how easy it is to use.



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