Developing Effective YouTube Channel Art (For All Devices)

by James Krukowski 385 views0

Having visually appealing YouTube channel art is crucial for attracting viewers and potential subscribers to a YouTube channel. When developing an image it is important to keep in mind the importance of having it professional, as well as visually appealing. Another key concern is making sure that your channel art matches up with YouTube’s recommendations and screen size template. The template is a downloadable png/psg file that can be overlaid on an image to ensure that it lines up with different recommended screen sizes. You may use this as a guideline for the placement of important details on the page in such a way that they can be viewed on all devices.

Upon downloading the screen size template from the YouTube help page for channel art, you will need a method of actually creating effective channel art. One of the best free programs to use for doing this is the visual design application Snappa. If you do not already have an account they are easy to make. Within Snappa you will be able to select a social media image template specifically for YouTube channel art. You will need to start from scratch, and then upload or choose a background image of your choice. Images and icons can be added, as well as formatted text and other features.

After this has been fine tuned and organized with all Snappa’s available features, the screen template downloaded earlier may be uploaded. You will be able to adjust the transparency in the image settings, as well as the proportional size. It can then be overlaid on top of your background. At this stage, it can be observed as to whether or not all significant detail/information will be viewed on the screens of devices. If necessary it may be adjusted to fit the space and the finished product can be downloaded. The final process is simply uploading the finished art to your YouTube channel. If this entire process was done correctly, the channel art should appear properly any device.

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