Introducing Mini-PCs


About Mini-PCs

Mini PCs are a technology that is often not talked about in the mainstream. The idea behind mini-PCs is based on creating a generally lower cost, smaller size, more efficient computer to use for simpler tasks. As mini-PCs are limited in their capabilities, they are most often used for the basic purpose of surfing the web. There are other specialized mini-PCs designated to non-internet related tasks, however, most consumer-targeted versions are based on using the web.


Many mini-PCs are solid state, containing no moving parts. They are much more energy efficient as well partially due to this. They are usually compatible with most standard PC operating systems like Windows, and some are compatible with Google’s Android operating system. While mini-PCs do not have very much on-board storage, they utilize cloud storage. This is the primary data-storage option used and is sufficient for the average PC user. The thing with next-to-no physical storage, however, is the fact that programs cannot be downloaded and used the same as standard PCs. It very much depends on the type of tech user when considering the functional usage of a mini-PC.

Top 3 Mini-PCs

Some of the most highly rated mini-PCs are the Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Computer, the Intel Compute Stick, and the Intel NUC. All of these mini-PCs are compatible Windows 10 and range in other features. The Kangaroo is best for general versatility when it comes to the available features in mini PCs. The Intel Compute Stick is an entire computer within a USB stick, and in turn is great for a balance of portability and functionality. The Intel NUC specializes in computing power and customizability, so there is a very large range in the types of mini-PCs available. These three range from $100 to $350, so are overall much cheaper than conventional PCs.


Mini-PCs can have some major advantages over conventional PCs if you are the type of person who primarily browses the web and enjoys the general portability of their hardware. For the stereotypical tech geek though, mini-PCs may not meet certain demands in computing power and storage. Overall, the benefit of mini-PCs is dependent on the type of person using them and the features they require. Undeniably, they are affordable and portable and are great for standard internet use.


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