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Basics of mysimpleshow:
mysimpleshow is a free personal “explainer” app that utilizes keywords and visuals to organize a storyboard presentation video. It helps you to tailor a set of useful images to a specific topic of discussion. The images can be focused on business, education, or personal projects. Whatever it may be, mysimpleshow will aid you in organizing a simple script based on your topic. It operates by using existing black outline images within the app paired with a narration to explain a given idea. The images appear consecutively according to the point of discussion and are brought onto the screen using a “hand placement” animation. This is where a hand puts the image on the screen. This all works to create a simple, personalized explanation for any topic of choice.

How to Utilize mysimpleshow:
mysimpleshow will start by letting you choose a “storyline” for your explainer video. This is where you choose a professional, educational, or personal theme. You can also decide what you will be explaining during your video so that mysimpleshow can help you to base your content on that topic. mysimpleshow will provide short video tutorials for each new step during the process of creating an explanation video.

The next stage in creating an explainer is writing a script. When writing a script, mysimpleshow will give you prompts based on your discussion topic for what will be talked about at that stage of the video. For example, if your topic is explaining your business, mysimpleshow will give you tips and examples in specific stages. For this particular subject, the stages are “initial situation”, “pain points”, “solution”, and “sales argument” (with continued related stages).

After writing a script, mysimpleshow will automatically pair images with keywords within your script. These will be presented when they are used in the discussion. After you have fine tuned the images paired with their respective keywords, you may choose the audio to be used. At this stage, you can choose between two computer voices to read your script, or you can record yourself narrating. Subtitles can be added and the speed may be changed.

Many Applications
Your final project will have been completed and you may then download the finished product to share after it has been finalized. The perfect explainer will now be within your grasp. You can now use your storyboard presentation to convey a point, pitch a product idea, or simply document a theme for any purpose. mysimpleshow has a vast array of practical application.


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