OneNote – For the Productive Individual


Microsoft OneNote is basically a digital notebook application that is available through Microsoft’s OneDrive service, as well as for download on most computers and smart devices. OneNote provides a fairly simple way to compile thoughts and organize ideas in a digital format while sharing those thoughts and ideas with other people to collaborate on.

OneNote works like a blank page where you can create and paste almost any kind of content. Through it, you have the ability to type forms of information, draw freehand images, import content such as images, video and audio clips, and organize all of this content in however manner you prefer. OneNote also allows you to import content from Outlook email or Excel spreadsheets, providing a universal way to gather content from your Microsoft account. With this app you are able to sync all of your created content across all devices, as long as you have the application downloaded. It is available on Android and iOS devices, and certain features are also compatible with wearable technology, maximizing this universal ability.

OneNote has very effective use within a school classroom, provided through the Class Notebook Add-in. This is an extra feature offered by Microsoft for OneNote specifically for the use of teachers and students. Class Notebook gives teachers the opportunity to create handouts for students and allow the students to have a personal, digital workspace. Students and teachers will no longer require the use of physical paper with the implementation of Class Notebook. Teachers may also easily review the work of students through this feature.

OneNote is an excellent option for the gathering and creation of ideas in really any situation that calls for thought organization. It has optimal use in both a professional and personal use and is universal in its method of compiling data. OneNote is an essential tool for productive task organization that is necessary in the life of the inventive individual.

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