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Explee – Animate your Ideas!


I tried out this Explee app a few weeks ago with my grade 5 students and they loved it!  Within 20 minutes they were producing and sharing cool looking animations. In fact, another teacher thought we were watching a professionally made video about Explee when we were viewing the students work.

I am sure the hand-drawing tool will get overused by kids in their animations but that would be a good time to bring up tips about creating an effective presentation.

The downside of this app is that there is no the free version for education use.  There is a 14-day trial that you can use and you are able to download the videos as a .mp4.

With the ease of learning Explee and the ability to download the students work, it makes for an effective app to use for free during the free trial.

Check it out here:http:explee.com

Here’s a video tutorial to show how easy it is to use.