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Wix is a unique website creation service that allows the user to easily formulate a web design around their product or service idea. A variety of professional looking templates is available to choose from for most website ideas. Concepts include more artistic designs for music or photography, or more business oriented designs focused on real estate or finance. The user can then customize the finer details within their template after choosing a design concept. This will allow the user to create a completely personalized website that will resonate with their product or service pitch idea, attracting numerous potential clients.


Wix offers countless features to aid you in your site development. After choosing a general concept idea for starting templates (of which there are many), Wix allows you to choose between two editing options. The first option is ADI artificial intelligence editor. This unique editing feature simply asks for some basic information about your website and it will create the site for you based on your design taste. The other editing option is a traditional manual editor where you customize each individual detail by hand off of a starting template. Both options have their advantages and both are highly effective. It all depends on what type of person the user is.

Manual editing in Wix generally consists of uploading visual content, selecting fonts, importing various media, and adding information to the website. This can all be done in a great variety of ways, and there isn’t much you can’t do when using Wix. It allows you to truly make a web page your own. Along with many formatting tools to use for editing, Wix provides a blog post feature where you can include a blog portion in your website, as well as an app store for enabling you to explore other methods of developing a web page.

Premium Versions

The basic version of Wix is completely free to use with limited features and free hosting services, however, there are paid premium versions. The differences mostly occur in the amount of bandwidth and online storage available in each plan. The cost for each plan ranges from around $9 – $26 per month when fully priced, and each one offers slightly different features when it comes to the operation of the web page.

Advantages to Using Wix

Wix is one of the most professional site development services available. All offered templates are modern and aesthetically pleasing, and the free version is the best of its kind for unpaid available features. Wix is versatile and applicable to anyone in any industry. It is the perfect way to design an effective web page for presenting a product or service, and an asset that most professionals should consider.

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