May 21, 2024
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Jamie Keet

Jamie Keet is a Technology Instructional Coach with a deep-rooted passion for educational technology. With a background that combines a marketing diploma, a degree in management, and a master's in educational technology, Jamie has spent the last 25 years in education, working across all grades and adult learning. His experience in the classroom has shaped his approach to tech education, focusing on making technology accessible and engaging for everyone.

Jamie's goal is simple: to help users feel confident and successful with technology, encouraging them to explore and learn on their own. He believes in breaking down the barriers that prevent people from getting started with technology, whether they're students in a classroom or individuals looking to improve their tech skills.

Outside of his professional work, Jamie enjoys keeping up with the latest tech trends and finding new ways to incorporate them into his teaching. His approach is all about simplicity, clarity, and making technology fun and accessible for all.

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