April 14, 2024
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How to Add Signature in Gmail with Logo – 3 Ways Explained

How to Add Signature in Gmail with Logo – 3 Ways Explained

Over the years, Gmail has easily become one of the most popular email providers out there for individuals and businesses alike, largely thanks to its reliability and many additional features. Gmail has so many different features, though, that not everyone is even aware of all it has to offer – like the fact that you can add a logo to your Gmail signature.

Why would you want to add a logo to your Gmail signature? Well, if you are trying to create a memorable brand for your business, for example, it would certainly be helpful to add your logo to the many emails you probably need to send out each day to prospective customers and business associates. The more they see your logo, the more likely they will recognize it and associate it with your particular brand.

Want to know how to add signature in Gmail with logo in not one, not two, but THREE different ways? Keep reading for our step-by-step guides!

How to Add Signature in Gmail with Logo

Method 1

This is probably the easiest way of doing this, but it doesn’t allow you much freedom regarding your layout and design.

Step 1: Go to Gmail Settings

Look to the top right of your Gmail inbox for a small gear icon. Click it, and then select “See all settings.”

see all settings in gmail

Step 2: Create New Signature

Now that you are in the general settings, scroll down until you see “Signature.” Then, click “Create new.”

create new signature in gmail

Step 3: Add Text

Name your signature, and then type in your desired text. Consider using some of the options in the text editor to make it unique.

add text into signature in gmail

Step 4: Insert Your Logo

If you look at the text editing options again, you will see a little black box with what looks like two triangles. Click it to insert your image.

insert logo onto gmail signature

Now you should see the popup below. You can grab your logo file from your Google Drive, upload it from your computer, or type the web address.

add image into gmail signature

Once you have chosen your file, click “Select.” You should now be able to drag your logo to where you want it in your signature – provided you want it above or below your text. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t have the option to use “text wrap” to place it beside the text.

If you want to change your logo’s size, just click on it and choose “Small,” “Medium,” “Large,” or leave it as its “Original Size.”

gmail signature size options

Step 5: Add Links

If you want to make sure the links in your signature are clickable, click the “Link” button. It kind of looks like a broken oval with a line inside.

add links into gmail signature

Highlight the text you want to link, insert the URL and/or email address, and click OK.

edit link in gmail signature

Step 6: Save Changes

Finally, once your signature looks just the way you want it scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes.”

You’re done!

save changes in gmail signature

Whenever you send a message now, you can add or switch between custom signature options using the pen icon at the bottom of the message window.

custom signature options in gmail new draft email

Method 2

If you really want to have the option of putting your logo beside your text, then this next method is for you!

For this one, we will be using Google Doc or Microsoft Word to create a two-column table that we can later paste into the Gmail signature editor.

Step 1: Create a Table in a Google Doc

Open up a Google Doc to create a two-column table. Click “Insert,” then “Table,” then choose a 2 x 1 table.

creating new table in google doc

Step 2: Insert Your Logo and Text Into the Table

Add your logo to one side of the table and your text to the other. Drag the sides of your table to adjust your width, making sure that each side is at least slightly wider than the content inside the table.

insert logo and text into table

Step 3: Make Your Table Lines White

If you don’t want the lines of the table to show up in your signature field, you can make them white.

In a Google Doc, highlight the table, click the “More” button that looks like three dots, select “Border Color, ” and choose white.

picking border color in new google doc

Step 4: Paste it Into the Gmail Signature Editor

Now you can just copy the whole table and paste it into the Gmail signature editor.

gmail signature editor

Click “Save Changes” at the bottom once again, and you are done!

Here’s what your new signature image will look like when composing an email:

composing email with signature

Method 3

If you are looking for a fully customizable signature, consider checking out some email signature tools or a signature generator, like the ones offered by htmlsig. With sites like these, you can typically create some free simple designs or pay for some more enhanced customization options.

For example, let’s try creating a free one with htmlsig.

Step 1: Fill in Your Information

Simply plug your information into the template below.

htmlsig signature generator

Step 2: Add Your Logo

Once you have filled everything in, click the blue “Upload Your Avatar or Logo” at the bottom. Then, click or drag your logo file to upload it to the site.

htmlsig image upload option

Step 3: Copy and Paste Your Signature

htmlsig signature preview

If everything looks good, click the blue “Create Signature” button just below the box where you entered your information. You can now copy and paste your new signature directly into the Gmail signature editor like we did in Method 2.

Now your signature will look like this:

creating new message with htmlsig signature

How Will You Add a Logo to Your Gmail Signature?

Any of the above ways are sure to give you a simple yet professional-looking logo on your Gmail signatures. The one you choose will likely depend on factors such as your design preferences, technical abilities, and of course, your budget.

Do you really need to add a logo to your Gmail signature box? No, of course, you don’t need to, but if you are looking to build brand awareness, then this is one way to make your business more recognizable to potential customers and partners.

Besides, when it’s this easy, what wouldn’t you?

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