May 21, 2024
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The Best Condenser Mic Under $50 – Our Top Reviews

The Best Condenser Mic Under $50 – Our Top Reviews

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You can only imagine the amount of time and effort spent in every audio or video output. Aside from the video quality and the content itself, it takes excellent quality audio to sell an output. Therefore, editors swear on condenser microphones to boost their creative works. So, if you want the best condenser mic under 50, we can give you our top picks. And above all, they deliver the best result.

A condenser microphone effectively captures sounds because they are highly sensitive. They produce a detailed and clear sound that has better quality than just the standard dynamic mics. Despite this sensitivity, condenser phone eliminates interference noises for clearer and sharp audio output.

The Best Condenser Mic Under 50

TONOR Computer Condenser PC Mic TC-777

tonor condenser mic tc 777 image

This mic is perfect for vocal recording, streaming, and podcasting. This is more like a plug-and-play USB gaming microphone. It doesn’t need any disk driver software to start. This condenser mic has a cardioid pickup pattern. Cardioid refers to the pattern of sound capture. The cardioid mic effectively picks up the sound in front of it, and lesser from the back. Also, it suppresses unnecessary background noises. For under $50, this mic still works pretty well as their expensive counterparts.


  • Can provide both clear and accurate pickup
  • Does not need software installer or drivers
  • Best used for gaming, vocal recording, YouTubing and online chatting
  • Can reduce background interference
  • Compatible to Mac OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Easy plug-and-play USB mic


  • Not compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and Xbox
  • Not as durable as expensive condenser mics
  • Connects through USB ports
  • Not suitable for studio and live performance

ZealSound Condenser Broadcast Microphone

zealsound condenser mic image

When it comes to high-quality and low noise sound, ZealSound makes it to our list. It has a large diaphragm that captures clear quality audio. Thus, this is best for podcasting and voiceovers. Unlike other condenser mics, it has a built-in sound card and VC Noise reduction technology that enhances audio capture. It also has a sound card mixer controller that lets you control the volume and sensitivity.

In addition, it has a real-time monitor function that allows you to hear your voice. You can adjust the level. Whether you are singing or doing screen-casting, the Zealsound helps you level up your game.


  • Plug-and play condenser mic
  • Omnidirectional pattern picks up sound within its range
  • Has a built-in sound card
  • Has pop filter that cuts unnecessary interference
  • Premium-quality audio recording
  • Perfect for all types of audio needs


  • Needs adapter for iPhone 7 and above models
  • Rechargeable and works only for 4-6 hours when fully charged
  • Highly sensitive pick up background noises

Zingyou Condenser Microphone Bundle BM-800 Mic

zingyou condenser mic bm 800 image

Zingyou specializes in audio products; thus, they have a wide array of audio gears. The BM-800 is one of the best condenser mics under 50. This is the condenser mic for studio recording, field recordings, interviews, and podcasting.

Also, it captures a variety of warm and clear sounds, including that of vocals and musical instruments. Furthermore, it has a cardioid pattern of sound that delivers low noise to its large-diaphragm tube. This microphone comes with a pop filter that reduces interference from wind or saliva spraying during recording.


  • High-quality sound with low background noise
  • Cardioid pickup
  • Has a pop filter to cancel unnecessary noises
  • Comes with shock suspension to detract floor noise
  • Can record both vocals and instruments


  • Needs a soundcard to enhance the sound quality
  • Needs a phantom power supply
  • May experience crash issues
  • May give a slight humming or ringing sound

Neewer NW-700 Condenser Microphone Kit

neewer nw 700 condenser mic image

Neewer provides products used specifically for photography, videography, and music. Neewer products became the best option for amateurs and beginners. For instance, the NW-700 Condenser Mic makes it to our list of the best condenser mic under 50. This condenser mic also has a cardioid pickup pattern that minimizes background noise while boosting the main source.

It also has a wide-screen filter shield that makes the audio clearer and easy to understand. If you want richer and well-defined audio, you can use the phantom power supply to improve its quality. Audacity-wise, Neweer levels up with other brands for a reasonable price.


  • Cardioid pattern pickup
  • Can capture rich and defined sound
  • Can provide both clear and accurate pickup
  • Minimized external noises
  • Comes with arm stand and mounting clamp kit
  • Can be used for podcasting and streaming, broadcasting, home studio recording
  • Sound enhanced by phantom power


  • Needs a soundcard (sold separately) to enhance audio capture
  • Needs enough power from the source device
  • May need enough power supply
  • Not compatible with Mac, mobile phones and tablets

Fifine USB Microphone K668

fifine usb microphone k668 image

This plug-and-play phone makes a perfect choice for home studios. Hence, you just need to plug it and record high-quality sounds directly from the computer. It is great for vocal recordings, voiceovers, and online calling. The K668 has an omnidirectional-pickup pattern. An omnidirectional pattern means it picks up sound at the 360-degree output. In other words, it can detect and record audio, including background noises.


  • Omni-directional pattern pickup
  • Captures both crisp and clear sounds
  • Reproduce high-quality sounds on the internet
  • Best use for home studio recording and gaming
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac


  • Does not have a volume knob on the hardware
  • Connects through a USB port
  • Picks up sounds at 3-8 inches distance only
  • Prone to feedback sound
  • Tends to crash

Movo VXR10 Universal Condenser Video Microphone

movo vxr10 condenser mic image

This pocket-size universal condenser microphone is compatible with a variety of gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and DSLR. It is a great shotgun mic for videographers. It is mostly used for interviews, tutorials, outdoor events like live music, and vlogging.

In addition, Movo VX10 has a cardioid pattern for high-quality and low interference sound. The set comes with a furry windscreen or a dead cat windshield that further filters external noises. It also has a shock mount to reduce vibration noise. Thus, it makes Movo one of the best condenser mics under 50. Professional videographers use this type of mic for their video coverage.


  • Delivers high-quality sounds with low interference noise
  • Has a furry dead cat windscreen filter
  • Has a shock to cut unnecessary handling noises
  • Universal and compatible with various gadgets including DSLR cameras
  • Best for podcasting, vlogging, interviews, filmmaking, and outdoor events
  • Does not need a battery


  • Tends to produce a humming
  • Quite small
  • Only good for short-range recording

Boya BY-VM600 Condenser Shotgun Microphone

boya by vm600 condenser mic image

Boyo’s BY-VM600 is considered as the best condenser mic under 50 for a lot of reasons. Like MOVO, Boya is also an on-cam condenser microphone. It is a cardioid mic for videography. Hence, it captures the audio and reduces background noises. It has a built-in shock and windscreen for seamless sound specs.

It is best for outdoor events and interviews. Boya backs-up every video with excellent quality voice recording. It is compatible with every camera’s microphone output. Thus, it works well with brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Pentax.


  • Cardioid Polar Pattern Pickup
  • Captures clear and precise audio
  • With shock-absorber
  • Comes with both foam and fur windscreen
  • Compatible with almost all camera brands


  • Mono capture
  • May produce low-frequency hum
  • Can pick up camera motor noise and other ambient noises

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

samson portable usb condenser mic image

This on-the-go condenser microphone allows you to record clear and crisp audio anytime. It also delivers professional-quality studio sound. Thus, it makes it on the list of the best condenser mic under 50. It has a compact fold-up design so you can take it wherever you go. The best thing about the Samson Go is its switchable pickup pattern.

It means you can easily change the pattern between cardioid or omnidirectional pickup. You can record audio straight-on or include all the background sounds. This condenser mic is best for recording music, streaming, podcasting, or online calls. Similarly, it is a plug-and-play mic that does not need a driver to start.


  • Has a switchable pickup pattern
  • Compact fold-up design
  • Produce professional audio specs
  • Easy plug-and-play
  • Compatible with Mac or Windows
  • Perfect for voice and music recording


  • May have low-level sound
  • May have crash and connection issues
  • Portable but takes up space in the table

CMTeck USB Computer Microphone

cmteck usb computer mic image

It is the best condenser mic under 50 because this sleek and small condenser microphone does not need drivers to play. Hence, it easily connects to any computers, laptops, and the Sony PS4. Plus, it has a CCS 2.0 Smart Chip sound card for echo cancellation. This is an advanced noise-canceling technology that allows the recording of precise and clear audio. The CMTeck has a flexible Gooseneck stand for easy height adjustment; thus, you can turn it around however you like.


  • Omnidirectional pattern
  • Used for online chatting, gaming or podcasting
  • Has an advanced noise-canceling sound card
  • Produce high-definition sound


  • Not compatible with Raspberry, Linux, and Android
  • Highly sensitive
  • Corded electric power source

DricRoda Boundary Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone

dricroda condenser mic image

This is a sleek and powerful condenser microphone. It has an ultra-high sensitivity that catches every sound from all directions within its range. DricRoda reproduces clear voice quality, way better than any computer microphones. Also, it picks up clear sound quality with its omnidirectional pattern pickup.

Hence, it is best for teleconferencing and meetings. Most business professionals use this kind of condenser mic. It is very slim and portable, smaller than the size of the palm. This product is compatible with most computers and is the best condenser mic under 50.


  • Highly sensitive and picks up voice sound clearly
  • Used for meetings, conferences, and gaming
  • Picks up sound from a distance up to 10 feet
  • Portable and compact
  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern


  • Can produce slight crackle or interference
  • Needs a splitter adapter for phone or computer with 3.5mm combo port
  • Needs a soundcard

What to Look for in a Condenser Microphone

Audio quality and better frequency response make up an excellent condenser microphone. If you want the best condenser mic under 50, you can find excellent ones without sacrificing quality. So, what should you look for in a condenser mic?

Well, the answer varies depending on your needs. Whether you want one for your conferences, video shoots, gaming, or streaming, there is a wide selection to choose from. It’s equally important to look for mics that do not need hardware to start. Also, try to look for a good power supply. Accordingly, it is the baseline for quality audio.

Moreover, look for mics that have pop filters. Hence, it effectively reduces background noises and unwanted interference. The USB types are also more convenient. On the whole, when buying the best condenser mic under 50, choose the economic and versatile ones. After all, not all inexpensive brands deliver cheap results.

Consider also the pickup pattern of the mic. Cardioid picks up sound better from the source in front of it. On the other hand, the omnidirectional pattern records everything included in its background. So, if you want to buy one, the best option is a condenser mic that has a switchable pickup pattern. This way, you can choose the pickup that you want all in one mic.


Condenser mics are relatively more expensive than the dynamic ones. But they produce clearer audio quality. Others need USB, battery, or phantom power supplies. The best condenser mic under 50 may sound entry-level. But in contrast, it also delivers results comparable to that of expensive ones.

So, if you want the best mic that does not break the bank, choose the ones that suit your needs. Other than the visuals, you need to invest in the best mics to deliver great audio content.

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