July 13, 2024
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How to Get Your Podcast on iTunes (Or Any Other Directory)

How to Get Your Podcast on iTunes (Or Any Other Directory)

Podcasts are a great way to share ideas and content, discussions on a specific topic, a series, stories, folklore, and other such information with your audience. Whether it be motivational, inspirational, educational, or something simple and fun, it seems that Podcasts can be found being listened to everywhere by everyone.

Although typically found on iTunes and now Spotify, they are also sometimes hosted on actual websites and internet radio as well. It seems more and more Podcasts are coming out of the woodworks, so now is the perfect time to learn how to take advantage of this newest form of content sharing.

Before you can get your podcast on iTunes – or anywhere else – you need to have your own podcast to share. Certain things need to be considered when creating something that iTunes and others will allow on their platform.

Recording Podcast Audio

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When you are recording your podcast audio, make sure to keep your notes with you for easy reference and to help stay on point. During your editing process, pay attention to any feedback, dead air, pause words, and, most importantly, the audio quality. Making sure you have the right equipment, including a proper microphone, windscreen, or pop filter, will help ensure higher quality audio.

Submitting a Podcast

When it comes to submitting your podcast, you need to prepare your podcast for proper submission and publication. Otherwise, you may not meet the criteria for your approval. To avoid your podcast being rejected, review the official podcast requirements that you will need to complete your submissions to your platform. Some may include having more than one episode prepared, submitting artwork or imagery, and filling out appropriate information regarding your podcast, such as title, category, etc.

Decide on a Hosting Platform

Next, you will have to decide on a hosting platform. This is how your podcast will reach your listeners, whether it be through iTunes, Spotify, or any other directory. There are many hosting platforms out there to choose from, which one you pick will be based on your specific needs for your podcast.

There is typically a fee related to podcast hosting sites, but you will find there are different options and varieties offered to suit a variety of account types depending on your needs. With so many options out there, it can be helpful to look at compiled comparisons.

Once you have your host, you will have somewhere you upload your podcast episodes to. Contrary to the belief that you upload your podcasts directly to iTunes, you’re actually sharing your podcast RSS feed with their directory. As mentioned, you will need to ensure you are following the specific requirements from your desired platform.

The great thing about your RSS feed is that you will never have to re-submit it to your platform. Because you aren’t uploading your episodes to your directories, just your host platform, any changes you make, and episodes you upload will automatically update on your directories because they are using the link for your RSS feed, not the actual podcasts.

Submitting Podcast to the iTunes Directory

To submit a podcast episode to iTunes’ directory, you must have at least one episode published for iTunes to recognize it as a podcast. Once you have met all the criteria, copy your podcasts’ RSS link from your media host platform and paste it into the ‘new feed’ section of Podcasts. (Some platforms offer direct to iTunes Directory tabs available).

Once completely inputted, your new podcast will be considered prepared for submission, and all your details, including description, cover art, etc. will be visible and included with your podcast feed, ready to click Submit.

Another part of sharing your content with iTunes is loading your podcast the iTunes Podcasts Connect; Apples dedicated podcast portal. To share your content here, select the iTunes Store tab while logged into your iTunes account.

At the bottom, under ‘Explore,’ click on the ‘Podcasts’ link. Submit your podcast here by sharing your RSS feed and fill out the required information.

Sharing the Podcast

Sharing your podcast to other directories will increase your listenership and expand your audience reach. The process of submitting your RSS feed is fairly similar across the board; knowing and learning the steps through iTunes have prepared you for what to expect with the other directories.

The big directories such as Spotify and Google Play Music may offer you a larger reach of new listeners to your content, as many other directories and apps actually use Apple Podcasts (iTunes) for podcast data.

So when those directories load their content from iTunes, your podcast will automatically show up instead of you having to manually share it to each individual directory. Looking up a list of podcast directories can be helpful to get an idea of the different places where your content can be found.

Internet radio is another directory that your podcasts can be shared on. Internet radio apps allow people to stream podcasts wherever, so it is beneficial for immediate listener consumption.

Waiting for final approval can be tough. It can sometimes take as long as several weeks for your submission to be approved by the directory of your choice but has been known to happen as soon as 24 hours after submission.

Promoting the Podcast

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While you wait, you can work on a plan to promote your podcast to increase your audience and subscribers. Creating a short promotional clip, message, or image that includes pieces of your show is a great way to give listeners and potential listeners a peek into what they are getting when they tune in to your podcast.

Sharing teasers on social media and within your own social circle will keep listeners intrigued and create buzz around your Podcast. Making more than one episode available upon your launch, transcribing your audio, partnering with other podcasts to mention you, and converting audio into a video are all other ways for you to promote your podcast; finding the right fit for you will all depend and the kind of outreach you are looking for.


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