July 12, 2024
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Gmail Delay Send – How to Schedule an Email in Gmail

Gmail Delay Send – How to Schedule an Email in Gmail

Before April 2019, you will need to install a third-party add-on (such as ContactMonkey) to send emails at a later time. Thankfully, Google now has a built-in Gmail scheduling tool known as Schedule Send. The feature is available on both desktop and mobile devices and works for corporate and personal accounts.

If this is your first time learning about Gmail’s schedule send feature, then get ready for a better emailing experience, because this extremely easy-to-use tool can change the way you email.

Gmail Schedule Send: Useful or Redundant?

Sending an email right after creating it seems to be the most logical thing to do. The send button on Gmail tends to beckon as soon as you hit the last full stop in your well-crafted correspondence. Are there actually any benefits to delaying or scheduling your message to send at a later time? Do you really need to bother about how to schedule email in Gmail?

Let’s paint a likely scenario to help answer the question. A genius idea hits you in the middle of a Friday night, so you rush to your computer and carefully put together a brilliant proposal for one of your esteemed clients. You want your client to see your report as soon as you send it, so you save it in your draft folder.

After all, it doesn’t make much sense to send the email that night as it will likely be buried under the heaps of correspondences in your client’s inbox by the next working day. You decide to send it first thing on Monday morning. However, things got out of hand, and you completely forgot about sending the email.

If you know how to schedule an email in Gmail, your brilliant crafted proposals or responses won’t end up as drafts. You will eliminate the need to depend on your memory for sending important messages in the future because Gmail is now equipped to do that for you.

There are a couple of benefits of using the Gmail delay or schedule send feature. They include:

  1. Writing emails at your convenience and then sending them at the appropriate time.
  2. Making sure that your email is received when the likelihood of reading it is high.
  3. Sending messages at the most convenient time for your recipients in other time zones.
  4. Emailing your future self something important from the past so that you would remember. (For example, jotting down your thoughts and ideas for an upcoming project).
  5. Schedule emails well in advance (up to 49 years!).

One cool feature of the schedule send in Gmail is that you can schedule up to 100 emails! This tool makes it easy to send pre-written messages to one or more recipients if you have a reoccurring event, even if you actually forget the occasion. For example, you can schedule Gmail to send yearly birthday messages to several friends or colleagues.

Delaying your emails is not rocket science. It is ridiculously simple; anyone who can send an email can also use Schedule send.

Schedule Gmail on Your Computer Browser

Here’s how to schedule an email in Gmail on your desktop web browser.

Step 1: Create Your Email

The first step is pretty straightforward. Go ahead and create your email, as you usually would.

  • Go to Gmail on your computer browser
  • Click the “Compose” button at the top left
  • Create your email

Step 2: Schedule Your Email

After creating your email, the usual thing to do is to click send. But just before doing so, use the Schedule send option to choose the exact time in the future to send your email. Here’s how:

  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the “Send” button
  • Click “Schedule send,” as shown in the sample email below

  • From the menu that appears, choose a date and time from the list of suggestions on the screen, and your email will be sent as scheduled. Alternatively, you can manually pick a date and time if you prefer.

  • If you decide manually pick a date and time, click the “Schedule send” when you are done to send your email as scheduled. A “Scheduling send…” message is displayed as Gmail is preparing your correspondence. Gmail stores your email in the Scheduled folder when it is ready.

To View, Edit, or Delete Scheduled Emails

You can view the content of your scheduled email and even change the delivery date and time. Keep in mind that if you want to edit or delete an email, you will have to do so before the scheduled time.

  • Click on the “Scheduled” folder
  • Select the email you want to view, change, or delete
  • Click “Cancel send” at the top right of your email to delete the schedule. Gmail automatically saves the previously scheduled email as a draft
  • Effect your changes and reschedule again (if you still want to send the email)

Schedule Gmail on Tablet or Phone App

Scheduling an email from your Gmail app on your phone or tablet follows mostly the same steps as using a web browser. However, there are slight differences because mobile app options are located in different places on handheld devices.

Here’s how to schedule an email in Gmail on your tablet or phone.

Step 1: Create Your Email

  • Open the Gmail app on your mobile device
  • Tap the “Compose” button (the colorful plus sign) at the bottom right
  • Create your email

Step 2: Schedule Your Email

  • Tap the “More” option (the three vertical dots) at the top right of your mobile app
  • Follow the prompt to select a suggested date and time or pick one of your choosing
  • The rest of the procedure is exactly as the desktop version

Similarly, viewing, changing, and deleting scheduled emails in the Gmail mobile app works like the desktop version. The only difference is that you will have to tap the “Menu” option (the three horizontal lines) to start the process.

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