May 21, 2024
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Quickly Scan and Create Documents with the Microsoft Office App

Quickly Scan and Create Documents with the Microsoft Office App

Microsoft Office App

If you are not already using the Microsoft Office app, here are 5 reasons you should consider using it.

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, you’ll be able to edit, capture and create content with the Microsoft Office app.

We’ll show you five amazing tips on how you can maximize all the Microsoft Office programs you love conveniently from your phone using the Office mobile app.

The Microsoft Office app has a great outlay and is very easy to use. At the bottom of its homepage, you’ll find the Home, Plus, and Action keys.

However, you should know that OneDrive and Microsoft Office software should always be synchronized for greater efficiency.

Reason 1: In-Built Lens App

In-Built Lens App

If you use the Microsoft Office Lens often, the Microsoft Office app on your mobile device makes your work easier as it has the Microsoft Office Lens built-in, so you don’t need to separately use the Lens app. Once you open the Microsoft Office app, click the + sign, and you’ll find the Office Lens app.

With the Lens app, you can scan documents, magazine articles, letters, and so much more. You can also customize the scanned page to the size of the actual portion you need. Once you’re done, just hit Confirm to select the said part, and then click Done.

If you check the bottom of the page, you’ll find many options of what you can do with the scanned Office document. For example, you can make a PDF out of it or share it. If you want more advanced options, click More, and you’ll be able to create a PowerPoint or create a Word document. If you select Create Word, it immediately creates a Word document from your scanned image from where you can edit the document.

So, that’s using your Microsoft Lens to create a Microsoft Word document directly from Microsoft Office.

But there’s much more you can do from your Microsoft Office.

Reason 2: Create, Scan, and Edit Different Types of Documents

If you hit the plus (+) sign on the Microsoft Office page, you’ll immediately see that you can create documents like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Forms directly.

If you click on the Word icon, it shows four options: Scan Text, Dictate, Blank Documents, or Create from Template. So, let’s attempt scan text.

Edit Different Types of Documents

Once you click scan text in the Office application, it immediately activates the Lens app, which is a shorter route than what was discussed previously. You can then take a picture of the page you want scanned. Remember, you can crop the image to fit the portion you need.

Once you’re satisfied with the image and click Confirm and Done, it immediately opens it up as an editable Word document. You’ll agree that this is a more straightforward option for creating a word document from a scanned copy.

At the top of the page, you can then click on the Share button; from there, you can rename the document, save it (preferably to OneDrive), and then you can access it from your computer so you can better edit the document.

OneDrive keeps your computer connected to your phone.

You can also do some cool stuff on Excel from the Microsoft Office app.

Remember you have four options when you click the + button on the Office home page: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Forms. So, this time, we click Excel.

Scan table

From the options provided, select Scan table.  You should already have a table from a newspaper or a magazine you want to be scanned. You can then zoom into it from the lens.

You want to make sure you are scanning only the table without unnecessary spaces to simplify your document. The app will ask you to verify the figures before confirming them, so you can edit the figures one by one if the scanned document does not reflect what is in the original material. Or you can click open, and the document opens in Excel.

You can then click save to save the document and send it to your OneDrive, and you can continue working on the Excel document from your computer.

You can easily create different kinds of documents from scanned materials using your Microsoft Office app.

Reason 3: Sign PDFs On Your Phone

Sign PDFs on Your Phone

At the bottom of the Microsoft Office page, you will find a More options button. If you select it, you’ll find several interesting things you can do, including image to text and image to table, which we’ve already described.

You can also do more with PDFs, including signing them. Click on the Sign a PDF icon, which allows you to browse through your OneDrive or phone for PDFs.

Once you’ve selected the PDF you want to be signed, go ahead and tap it. It immediately changes your phone’s interface to a page on which you can sign manually with your finger.

Once you’ve signed on the blank space provided, click Done, and the signature is superimposed on the document. You can then drag and reduce its size to fit the document.

Click the checkmark sign, and you’re done!

Document Sign

The signature immediately reflects on the PDF, and you can confirm if you check it on your computer through your OneDrive.

Reason 4: Convert Word Document to PDF

Convert Word Document to PDF

Still staying with the More options, you can select Document to PDF, allowing you to select the document you want. Once you’ve selected the document, click the orange button to upload it at the bottom right corner.

It will then ask you to name it, and once you click upload, it goes straight into your OneDrive as a PDF.

If you check on your computer, the document will open as a PDF, although it used to be a Microsoft Word document.

Reason 5: Convert a PDF to Word to Edit

Convert a PDF to Word to Edit

If you would rather convert PDF to Word, you can select a PDF that you want to be converted. Once selected, you can then open it.

If the PDF is not on the list that your phone shows you, you can access your OneDrive by clicking the foldericon on the top right corner of your Microsoft Office homepage (you’ll have to go back a couple of steps). From there, you’ll find your OneDrive, and you can locate the PDF or any document that is not on your phone.

Once opened, it still looks the same. However, if you select any of the areas, you’ll realize you can now edit it.

You can then edit it as a Microsoft Word document, and it reflects as such on your computer if you access the document in your OneDrive.

There is so much more you can do with your Microsoft Office app on your phone, including on PowerPoint files. All you need to do is click the More options buttons, and you’ll find several easy-to-use options that can make your Microsoft Office app a lot of fun.

Remember, everything is connected to your OneDrive, so you can always switch from your mobile phone to your computer at any time to continue with your work.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful, and we also hope they’re enough reasons for you to start using the Microsoft Office app.

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