May 21, 2024
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How to Send Mass Email in Gmail – Few Easy Options

How to Send Mass Email in Gmail – Few Easy Options

Gmail has long been a relied upon server for personal communication, but with Google offering more in-depth and versatile apps such as Google Drive, Classroom, and Docs, people are looking for ways to connect with more people more than ever. With these new ways to share, create, and work, Google has made it easy for people to take their programs one step further and utilize its platform for business use as well.

As many businesses are finding themselves working remotely these days, reaching clients and target markets virtually is quickly becoming a top priority. Some businesses might find themselves scrambling to set up an online presence, stuck trying to figure out how they are going to get their messages and updates about their business out to the public.

Mass emailing is a great way to reach a large targeted audience or demographic, while at the same time obtain leads on a larger scale than smaller marketing efforts. Previously, this method has come under fire for being labeled as spam or junk mail, as they have previously been unsolicited emails.

These types of communications came under review in 2014 (Government of Canada, 2020), and new rules and regulations were implemented. Now, these forms of outreach serve a useful purpose, ensuring registered members, clients, and other important contacts subscribed to mailing lists to receive the information they have requested.

Sending Mass Emails

composing new message in gmail

To send a mass email directly through your Gmail account, simply Compose a new email and input your contact addresses. It is important to respect the privacy of your recipients – select the BCC option when inputting your contacts; this will hide all email addresses from the recipients.

You can add recipients from your contacts list by clicking on the ’Bcc’ and selecting individual emails, or all to insert, and click on “Select.” The last step is inputting your subject, message, and or content and hit send.

*TIP: create your message content before you put in your recipient addresses. This way you won’t have to worry about accidentally sending the email before you have had a chance to complete and review your message and content

Limitations for Sending Mass Emails

It is important to understand that sending a mass email through your Gmail does have some limits. There is a maximum of email recipients a user can have in one single email, as well as a maximum amount of emails a user can send in 24 hours. It will not work by sending them at 11:50 pm and again at 12:05 am; the system requires a full 24 hours to pass.

Something you can do to prevent receiving errors when trying to send a mass email through your Gmail is to set your recipients up as a Google Group. This will allow you to create a group and completely customize it, including sending an email to all members of your group using one email address – the group address. You are also able to manage the roles of contacts in your group – allowing others to send emails and update group information.

Set up for your group may be tedious, as you will have to start by adding your contacts manually by groups of ten, but once set up, proves worth it for the ease of future mailers. Google Groups has a free option that is offered for all users but also has a paid option for business users called Google Groups for Business offered through G Suite, which requires a G Suite license to receive the features and benefits of Groups for Business.

Increasing Mass Mailing Output

gmass extension image

Another option to increase your mass mailing output through Gmail is to use an extension for Google Chrome. The GMass extension adds on offers a simple solution that can get your mass emails out through your Gmail account with multiple customization options; allowing you to mail merge with Google Sheets, build custom email lists based on data in your Gmail messages, customize campaigns as replies, and many other features beneficial for business use.

Not only does GMass enable you to send customized mass emails, but it can also send individual messages to each recipient using the ‘To’ field. GMass also allows you to track your open and click rates and receive behavior-based campaign level reports.

You can download the extension through the Google Chrome web store and simply use the GMass Send button. It is important to note that GMass still follows the total message restriction of 500 recipients per 24 hours that Gmail has.

Using a Mail Merge

Setting up a mail merge is another great time-saving option for you to send your email to multiple people and have it personalized for each one. Using a mail merge works by pulling the data from an imported spreadsheet and uses it to fill in specific fields of an email, names, and addresses.

To use a mail merge with your Gmail account, you will need the Mail Merge for Gmail extension add-on found in the G Suite Marketplace, a source of web applications created by Google for its business users.

mail merge for gmail extension image

Geared towards small business owners, Mail Merge for Gmail offers a wide variety of useful features such as one-click importing of Google Contacts for sending personalized emails, the ability to send a test email to verify your Mail Merge campaign setting before sending the email blast to all recipients and many more options to customize your email marketing campaign.

Another great feature is that you can track your email’s open and click rates through Google Analytics, giving you a more accurate look at who is really receiving your messages. Mail Merge has a limit of 50 email recipients per day; however, users can upgrade to the Premium Edition will increase the limit to 400 recipients. Mail Merge Premium for Work will offer up to 1500 email recipients per day, but this is a paid feature offered through Google Apps and requires you to have a Mail Merge Licence to use the 1500 limit.

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