July 12, 2024
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11 Best Google Forms Add Ons for Productivity

11 Best Google Forms Add Ons for Productivity

Creating surveys, quizzes, polls, and questionnaires is pretty easy with Google Forms. You can expand the program’s functionality with Google Forms add ons.

This quick article shows you some of the best Google Forms add ons that can streamline your workflow and take your productivity to a whole new level.

1. SurveyMonkey

surveymonkey for google forms

SurveyMonkey is one of the most widely used Google Forms add ons when it comes to creating surveys.

You can easily export data and enhance your survey using the randomization and skip logic features of SurveyMonkey.

The add-on comes with several survey templates and professionally developed question types to streamline your survey for result-oriented responses.

SurveyMonkey allows you to create personalized thank you pages for respondents in addition to designing better-looking surveys with custom colors, logos, and more.

You can also get in-depth analytics, such as data trends, text analysis, and real-time responses that can guide you to make better decisions.

2. Quilgo

quilgo add a timer to your google forms

Schools and other educational institutions will find the Quilgo add-on a useful tool, especially for creating timed quizzes or tests. It embeds a countdown timer into Google Forms, making it an excellent tool for online tests and skill assessments.

Add it to online quizzes, tests, or exams to automatically close the form once the allowed answer time is over. You can set your preferred time.

In addition to tracking start and submission time, Quilgo is also an online proctoring tool. It helps you take screenshots of respondents’ screens and make video snapshots of respondents.

3. Form Publisher

form publisher

Form Publisher enables you to export your Google Forms data to PDF, Docs, Slides, or Sheets format. This makes your forms more accessible to users and in different formats.

In addition to generating customized documents in Google document files, Form Publisher also converts data from your forms into Word, Excel, and other Microsoft Office files.

Whether you want to generate and send quotes, invoices, agreements, or consent forms, Form Publisher simplifies and automates the process of creating nearly all business documents.

4. Certify’em

certify’em google forms add on

Need to create online certifications using Google Forms? Certify’em is an excellent add-on to get the job done.

It comes complete with lots of templates for creating custom online certificates. You can email them in PDF format to exam-takers.

This is one of the easy-to-use Google Forms add ons that helps you track the proficiency level of employees or knowledge of students. But that’s not all! Certify’em keeps a record of every participant who passed your exam, letting you have an accurate and updated log for reference purposes.

5. FormLimiter

formlimiter google forms add on

The formLimiter app comes in handy when you want to create a form for time-restricted events such as registrations, limited offers, or surveys with a specified number of responses.

At the expiration of a specific time or date, or when a certain number of responses are received, the add-on automatically prevents further submissions from respondents by closing your Google Forms.

The add-on lets you set up email notifications to let you know when the maximum answer limit allowed has been reached. Another feature is that you can also personalize the messages people will get when submissions are closed.

6. QR Code Maker

qr code maker for google forms add on

Making your forms easily accessible on mobile devices can enable respondents to quickly submit data on the go. One of the hassle-free ways to do this is by generating a QR code for your Google Forms.

This is when the QR Code Maker comes in handy. The add-on generates a QR code using the URL of your form. Add the generated QR code into your form as an image. Respondents only have to scan the code using their mobile device to open the form.

7. Form Ranger

form ranger for google forms

If you want a tool that can automatically pull spreadsheet data from Google Sheets or Doctopus and insert it into your form, Form Ranger could be the answer.

This is one of the Google Forms add ons that can save you plenty of manual labor when trying to transfer cell values from a spreadsheet into your form fields. The tool auto-populates grid question options, multiple choice, or choices in a list using form data from columns in Sheets.

Form Ranger is an excellent tool for people who work mostly with spreadsheet data, especially as it relates to event attendance, workshop details, product orders, stock items, student data, and more.

8. Booking Calendar

booking calendar add on for google forms

Booking Calendar is an add-on that sets appointments in Google booking forms. Essentially, it links the data from Google Forms with your Calendar, allowing you to book meetings easily.

The add-on automatically creates a schedule in your Calendar using your defined rules. When visitors select options in your booking form, the app will instantly add them to the booked slot and create a scheduled event in your Calendar.

9. Email Notifications for Google Forms Add-on

email notifications add on for google forms

The Email Notifications for Google Forms send emails letting you know of a form submission. The add-on sends an instant push notification to any of your mobile and tablet devices when a form respondent submits a new form, and can even include data in the forms.

You can use the tool to send customized emails to respondents or customers when they fill your form. Teachers can send emails to parents and acknowledge receipt of their students’ responses.

Also, the add-on allows you to attach and send music, video, PDF, or Microsoft Office files to respondents after they submit a form.

10. Pictographr

pictographr add on for google forms

If you are looking to embed custom designs into Google Forms, Pictographr is a great add-on for the job.

The tool is a graphic design editor that allows you to quickly create stunning images in Google Forms. You don’t have to be a design guru to use this add-on. If you can drag and drop, then you can create pro-level and highly engaging images with the tool in minutes.

11. FormRecycler

formrecycler google forms add on

With the FormRecycler add-on, you can save yourself the hassles of developing the same questions from scratch each time you create a form. The tool lets you reuse or recycle questions from previous forms.

Whether you want to use questions from one or several older forms, FormRecycler enables you to select, merge, and populate your new form with questions from different sources in just one click.

To make things even easier, FormRecycler shows you if there is a previously required form question or question type so that you can make them required in the current form, too.

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