May 21, 2024
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How to Schedule a Google Meet Appointment for Now or Later

How to Schedule a Google Meet Appointment for Now or Later

Google Meet provides one of the best ways to connect with people through video calls. You can hold instant meetings with your group, team, or friends, or schedule a video call for some time in the future. The app supports just about any modern web browser or mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, and smartphones.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to schedule a Google Meet appointment for later and how to start a call immediately. But first, here’s a quick overview of the app’s fantastic features.

How to Schedule a Google Meet Appointment for Now or Later

Features of Google Meet

Free Video Calls

You can host a video meeting with up to 100 participants at the same time. The call can last up to 60 minutes, and it is free. Businesses and schools can even have up to 250 participants for a fee.

Preview Screen

Google Meet gives you a preview of your device’s camera and microphone when you click to join a meeting. This lets you see how you look and adjust your camera (if necessary) before entering the meeting. The app also gives you a preview of participants already in the meeting.

Safe Meetings

Your video calls are safe on Google Meet. No one can join the meeting without an invite code or link. Even if someone gets hold of the meeting link, they cannot automatically join because the host still has to grant them permission, particularly if the meeting was organized from a personal Google account.

Only those invited by the host can auto-join without permission. Besides, you can mute or remove participants if you are the host.

Screen Sharing

You can share your entire screen or just one application window with participants. This allows others to follow your presentation with ease.

Instant Messaging During Meetings

You can share links, files, and other messages with meeting participants to make the calls more engaging. 

Record and Live Stream

Premium plans allow meetings to have more participants and to live stream to up to 100,000 viewers. The meeting length for premium users is up to 300 hours for a single session. That’s over 12 straight days of uninterrupted video call!

See All Meeting Participants at Once

Usually, you can see only a maximum of four people at a time during a Google Meet appointment. However, you can see everyone in a video call if you install the Google Meet Grid View extension on your Google Chrome web browser.

However, you can’t see everyone if you are using Meet on a mobile device. You may or may not have access to this feature if you are using a school account, depending on the administrative settings on the account.

How to Schedule Google Meet Appointment for Now or Later

Google offers several ways to start or schedule meetings using Google Meet. First, we’ll start with how to schedule a Google Meet appointment immediately.

Start a Google Meet Video Meeting

You can start an instant Google Meet video call from your computer (using your browser), Gmail application, or mobile app.

Here’s how:

Start Meeting from Web Page (on Computer)

1. Go to Google Meet on your web browser or open the app from your Google apps

2. If you have an invite link or code, enter it in the box provided and click Join

Note: The Join option is not available if you’ve not entered a link

3. If you are hosting the meeting, click the New meeting option to start a new video call

4. Click Start an instant meeting from the box that pops up

Start Instant Meeting

5. Click Join now

Meeting Ready

Obviously, you can’t hold a meeting alone, so you need to add participants to the video call. Choose one of the following options to invite others to join your Google Meet call.

  • Click Copy joining info to copy the meeting link and share it via email or other messaging apps
Copy Joining Info
  • Alternatively, click Add people to invite participants
Add People

Select the name of the participants or their email addresses if you invite participants using the Add people option. When you are done, click Send email to invite them.

Send Mail

Start Meeting from Gmail

1. Open the Gmail application

2. Click New meeting on the left-hand side of the application window

New Meeting

3. Next, click Start now to start the meeting instantly

4. To invite participants, click Send invite and choose whether to copy the meeting link and share through your preferred app or directly invite participants using the Share via email option

Send Meeting Invites

Start Meeting using Mobile App

1. Open the Meet app on your smartphone

2. Tap New meeting to instantly start a video call or select Join with a code to join a call

3. Tap Start an instant meeting and invite others to join the call using the meeting ID

How to Schedule a Google Meet Appointment for Later

If you want to schedule a Google Meet appointment for the future, you can do so from Google Calendar on your web browser (computer) or mobile app.

To schedule a Google Meet call for later, do the following:

1. Start the Calendar app from the Google app or enter on your web browser

2. Click the multi-colored plus button on the Create option to create an event

Google Calender

3. Click Add guests and enter the email addresses or names of participants you want to invite

Add Google Meet Video Conferencing

4. Click Save when you have added all the invitees

5. Click Send to send each participant an email invitation

The steps for how to schedule a Google Meet appointment for later on your mobile device is the same as above.

In Closing

Meet is Google’s amazing communication app that gives everyone access to enterprise-grade video conferencing. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to start or schedule Google Meet appointments.

Your virtual meetings should hold seamlessly across all major platforms, as long as you and your invitees have Google accounts and a good internet connection.

While you’re still here, check this tutorial to learn how to use the fantastic features in Google Meet.

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