July 13, 2024
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How to Use Trello as a Student for College Organization and Productivity

How to Use Trello as a Student for College Organization and Productivity

Trello is a project management tool that enables project managers to handle tasks effectively. It allows users to automate tedious tasks, communicate, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

While most people already know that Trello can be used for both work and personal projects, not everyone knows that it could also function efficiently as a tool for academic organization and productivity.

Trello is unique and can make your research and studies easier because of its very flexible features. In addition to lots of flexibility, this project management tool can collaborate with other services like GitHub. This allows students to use several of its features to interact easily with each other on academic projects.

Also, students can leverage Boards on Trello to better organize their studies and improve workflow.

We’ll see how students can do all of these, but first, how does Trello work?

How Trello Works

Trello has multiple boards that allow you to create lists and assign tasks. A Trello board is more like your regular to-do list. The lists on Trello have cards on which you can attach files, tasks, and labels for multiple projects.

The tool is designed around a Kanban board – a system that features boards and cards, which can be very helpful for students.

These boards and cards are the primary media for entering data on Trello. A Kanban board lets students and multiple teams organize their studies, manage their time, share ideas, take notes, and write ideas on academic projects using different boards.

Another interesting feature is the automation tool known as Butler. This tool helps users effectively manage their time and workflow and also keep files and multiple lists organized.

Also, Butler can help students perform automated tasks even while they are away. For example, Trello templates can organize notes, images, and videos and make them more easily accessible.

Using Trello as a Student

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How can students use Trello to stay organized for greater academic productivity? One of the ways the tool can help students is by giving them access to college productivity kit templates. These templates are ideal for beginners, as they can give newbie users a head start in organizing their studies.

The college productivity kit includes weekly schedule templates, assignment calendar templates, group project templates, and college workflow templates. These can be easily used to boost academic productivity.

Here are some other ways students can use Trello effectively.

Managing Homework

Students can use Trello to effectively manage their homework. While there are a couple of ways to do this, the most straightforward option is to create a master board for labeled homework.

To keep things organized, make sure to have the inbox list on the project boards where cards will be added. Also, use the due dates for each homework assignment as the name of the Trello card.

If you have homework that must be completed on that very day, it should be on a list that reads “Today.”

The “Next” list should be for homework or tasks you want to complete after rounding off those in the “Today” list. If the tasks are due during the week, you should put them in the “This Week” list.

There is also a “Someday” list. Ideally, this should contain homework that is not yet due but can be easily forgotten. The “Completed” list should contain all the tasks or homework that you have completed.

By grouping your homework this way, you will be more organized as a student, and it can enhance your productivity.

While this can be a great way to stay organized, it is more applicable for middle and high school students.

Let’s see some Trello features that will be more beneficial to college students.

Create Academic Templates

As earlier mentioned, Trello has several templates that can improve students’ performance. Using these Trello templates to manage your activity as a student is a smart thing to do.

Trello templates allow you to quickly create different boards and cards with one click instead of building project boards from scratch.

If you have features that you use very frequently or recurring tasks, you can use templates to easily automate them. As a student, you can use this feature to create templates for your academic projects and streamline your notes, and information to improve your workflow.

Trello offers lots of templates that will fit all students, regardless of academic discipline. That means you are sure to find one that will suit your academic needs.

Gather Research Data

As a researcher, you spend a lot of time searching for relevant data. Trello would not only help you streamline the search but would also make the search a lot faster.

The tool helps in gathering information and data for research and content planning. It does this effectively because it works in collaboration with several SEO applications like SEM Rush. These applications can help you optimize research keywords and search for data. With this type of collaboration, searching for relevant materials for your studies is greatly enhanced.

When you need to start analyzing your data, you can simply export information from your Trello card to Excel and continue your work seamlessly. In a nutshell, Trello makes a lot of difference when it comes to research and content planning.

Access to Study Notes

Since Trello cards are files that have been uploaded to your profile, you can easily upload academic information and use them for your study or research when needed.

Trello files are automatically interconnected based on topics or themes, so connecting relevant topics with uploaded information becomes easier.

Keep in mind that the files you can upload in Trello aren’t limited to text-based files. You can also upload images and even videos that are relevant to your study.

Trello cards can also be extremely helpful for students because you’ll hardly lose sight of them. Moreover, they can be shared with other students, thereby encouraging group work and sharing of knowledge. You can also add comments to the cards and update them as necessary.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, Trello has features to make your studies better organized. From custom templates to AI tools, using Trello to manage your studies is a great choice. We hope we have provided all the information you need to learn how to use Trello as a student.

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