May 21, 2024
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How to Use WeVideo – Step By Step Guide

How to Use WeVideo – Step By Step Guide

Looking for a user-friendly program that allows you to easily create and edit a video? Look no further than WeVideo! This educator favorite allows students, teachers, and video editing enthusiasts alike to have access to dozens of video editing tools, giving you everything you need to create a cinematic masterpiece all in one place.

In this article, we take a look at what WeVideo is as well as a step-by-step guide on how to use it, so you can start creating and sharing your video content in no time.

What is WeVideo?

This free cloud-based editing platform allows users of every skill level to create professional-style videos and slideshows, podcasts, and more. WeVideo was created to give everyone a platform to create content that they’re proud of, no matter the skill level. Whether you’re a middle school student or a workplace professional, WeVideo wants to provide you with the tools to create content that you’re dying to show off.

WeVideo markets itself as having the capabilities to create videos for the classroom, to share with friends and family, for marketing campaigns, and to share to social media.

What Features Does WeVideo Offer?

This powerful, easy-to-use program can be accessed from any computer or device and is ideal for school, work, home use, and on the go. WeVideo offers the following features so you can create content that you’re proud of:

  • Access to 400 licensed music titles
  • Royalty-free graphics
  • Fun and entertaining effects
  • Easy to use video editing tools
  • Instant uploads to YouTube/Facebook
  • Collaborative video capabilities
  • Secure storage in the Cloud

How to Use WeVideo – Step By Step Guide

Ready to learn how to use WeVideo? Follow our step-by-step guide to get started!

Sign Up For WeVideo

wevideo sign up main page screenshot

WeVideo lets you easily sign up for free by using your Google or Facebook account or entering your email and basic information. Your free WeVideo account does have some limitations, but it gives you the following features:

  • Publish 5 minutes of video content per month
  • Use drag and drop templates to create your video masterpiece
  • Record your screen, webcam, and create voiceovers
  • Make GIFs, videos, and podcasts

It should be noted that unless you upgrade to WeVideo’s Premium features, your content will feature a WeVideo watermark. WeVideo Premium plans start at $4.99 per month if billed annually, with the most expensive option being $36.99 per month for Business users.

When you sign up for your account, WeVideo will ask you a few simple questions on what you are making videos for and the type of content that they can help you create. Video creation may include social media, presentations, personal memories, school projects, vlogs, and much more.

Create Your Content

wevideo content creation main page screenshot

Now it’s time for the fun part – creating your content! WeVideo will give you the option of starting from scratch using a horizontal, square, or vertical base for your content or selecting a template. WeVideo has several useful templates you can choose from, which are separated by category.

Curious about which options you have for education? While you can customize your WeVideo template however you want, WeVideo offers Morning meeting K-12 video templates, awards ceremony templates, event promos, morning announcements, and more. It should be noted that the majority of these template options are for Premium users only.

Starting From Scratch

wevideo starting from scratch page screenshot

For the sake of this guide, we’re going to choose the option to start from scratch. After selecting this option, you will get a friendly introduction from Max of WeVideo, allowing you to take a quick tour of their user-friendly editor. Here you will get a quick intro of how to add media, dragging and dropping your media to the timeline, adding text, choosing music, and exporting your video. Each step is straightforward and can be navigated by even the most basic video creators.

Adding Transitions

adding transitions in wevideo screenshot

Adding transitions is a great way to allow for a smoother passage from one video clip to another and give a more unique overall look to your videos.

To add transitions, simply click on the “Transitions” icon along the top of your media options (5th option from the left). You can then preview and select the transition that is most appealing to you. Then, simply click on the transition to preview it, and it will display in the viewing window.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred transition, you can then drag and drop it between your clips. Easy! If you wish to customize this even further, you can adjust both the transition length and the type by clicking on it in your timeline, which will bring up its settings.

Stock Media

wevideo stock media page screenshot

Do you need a little extra something to pop in your video but don’t want to spend hours attempting to film it yourself? Premium members get access to the Essentials library, which allows you to find stock videos, images, and audio. This is a fantastic way to add professional footage to your video, adding to its overall look and credibility.

Adding Backgrounds

adding backgrounds in wevideo screenshot

Want to add a background to your existing media or to use behind text when editing videos? Simply select “Backgrounds” and choose from several free options. You’ll have the option of choosing between Backgrounds, Solids, Overlays, and Frames, which can all spice up an otherwise average video.

Ready to Use WeVideo?

WeVideo is a fantastic tool to start you on your digital storytelling journey. If you are intimidated by difficult-to-navigate video editors, WeVideo is the perfect solution for beginner content creators while still having enough advanced features to appeal to novice users.

If you plan on using WeVideo for the long term or for serious projects that you intend to post on a public platform, we definitely recommend upgrading to one of WeVideo’s affordable monthly plans. Having said this, WeVideo offers some valuable free features that more than get the job done. Teach your students how to use a video editor in this fun, easy-to-use app today!

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