May 21, 2024
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Mevo Vs Mevo Plus – Which One Do You Really Need?

Mevo Vs Mevo Plus – Which One Do You Really Need?

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Anyone thinking of reaching a live audience is going to need a high-quality streaming device. Whether you are hosting a live DIY series on the web, a party, food show, school play, concert, conference, sports show, and so on, the success of your production depends largely on your streaming device’s performance.

Streaming live events is not really new. You can produce your show with a smartphone, handheld stabilizer, mounts, cables, and mics. But guess what; that’s a cumbersome approach to streaming your event! Who needs cables and mics to stream videos these days, when you have Mevo by Livestream? Mevo eliminates the need for any complex setup to stream your live videos.

With Mevo, all you need to do is connect the device to your mobile app, and you’re all set within minutes! It is so simple that many users became “professional” live event producers, almost overnight. In 2016, Facebook announced Mevo as its first official Facebook Live video camera. That’s a huge plus for Mevo, don’t you agree? If you are looking for a straightforward live stream setup, Mevo is definitely what you need.

No doubt, Livestream has given users two great options for streaming live events. But which among the powerful devices should you pick? This article compares the traditional Mevo vs. Mevo Plus and shows you the major differences to help you decide which one to pick. But before delving into the comparison, here’s a quick rundown of what Mevo is and what it can do.

What Is Mevo?

Mevo is an incredibly small live event camera that allows you to capture and edit your video at the same time as the event is unfolding. It is the perfect device for artists, makers, organizations, and event producers who want to share their stories seamlessly. Every Mevo user has right in their hands, the capability of a multi-camera production studio.

The device works by pairing with the Mevo app on a mobile device running Android or iOS. Apart from the power button on the Mevo camera, every other control comes from the mobile app. With Mevo, you can zoom in to emphasize crucial details, pan from guest to guest, cut and crop different shots, and lots more, all from your mobile device. It is like having a TV studio right in the palm of your hands!

Anyone new to all of this may assume that making live edits require some in-depth technical know-how. Here’s the thing, you don’t have to be a pro to do this. If you know how to tap and zoom on a smartphone or tablet, then you can do basic editing with Mevo. After all, you are controlling the streaming camera from your mobile device. To give you a quick feel of how simple and easy it is to use Mevo as your personal video editing studio, here’s essentially what the editing entails:

  • Cut: To make a cut transition, simply tap on a different part of the frame
  • Zoom: Zooming in and out is pretty straightforward. Stretch to zoom in and pinch to zoom out (just as you normally do on your phone)
  • Pan: To pan from one person (or object) to another, simply drag the active frame

The streaming device lets you share your live events to streaming platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, NDI, LinkedIn, Periscope, and more. You can even stream to other providers using the RTMP option on the Mevo mobile app. You can also adjust various video settings from the app, including exposure, contrast, white balance, sharpness, and brightness.

Mevo allows you to create up to 9 custom camera angles from which you can select by simply tapping on the screen of your mobile device. This feature makes live-switching between angels easy. Also, you can manually edit your videos in real-time!

mevo plus app shots image
Image source: Mevo

Another key innovation with Mevo is its face detection ability. But it is not just the regular face detection available in regular cameras for focusing. This special feature tracks a face. That means your camera can follow a particular individual as they move! Cool, right?

mevo plus app edit image
Image source: Mevo

Here’s a nice way to sum up everything Mevo represents. No “Take Two” or post-production necessary!

Which Model Do You Need?

Mevo Start was Livestream’s previous streaming camera. The latest model is simply called Mevo. Both streaming cameras are equally great, but which should you choose? Is one better than the other? How do you determine which is better for you? To help you figure out which of the two devices to pick, we have outlined the features and benefits of Mevo vs. Mevo Plus.

Every user or host has their unique needs depending on several factors, some of which include:

  • The type of events they want to stream
  • The size of the audience
  • The type of device used by the majority of their audience (for example, tablets and smartphones with small screens, or laptops, and desktop with bigger screens)
  • The location (indoor or outdoor)

While Mevo Plus is more recent and, of course, includes the latest upgrade, Mevo Start has its advantages too, especially when it comes to battery life. Continue reading to discover which of the device suits you best.

Mevo Start Live Event Cameramevo start live event camera image

Mevo Start is a live streaming camera designed to make streaming simple, easy, and seamless. This all-in-one camera can record and stream your live events instantly to your favorite live platforms. The device is only 3 inches tall, making it small enough for you to carry everywhere you go and record discretely.


The powerful streaming device by Livestream is specially made for live events. You don’t need battery packs or cables with the Mevo Start. The live streaming camera comes with a built-in battery that can last for up to 6 hours! That’s enough battery power to cover most events from start to finish. It can stream videos up to Full HD 1080p to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, NDI, and YouTube.

Mevo Start is equipped with a large pixel size HDR sensor for delivering strong low-light performance. The image-flip option is also included for added versatility. The device comes with three digital MEMS microphone that ensures great quality sound recording. Due to its compact design and light-weight, the device can be mounted on any mic stand, mini-tripod, or standard tripod.

What’s in the Box?

  • Mevo Start camera
  • 6.5 foot (2 meters) USB A to C cable
  • Microfiber cloth

Check out the current price here.

Mevo Plus

mevo plus image

Mevo Plus is the latest streaming device from Livestream. The camera has significant improvements from the previous version, including a stronger Wi-Fi chip and newer antennas. It is re-engineered for faster and more reliable performance.

With a height of 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) and a width of 2 inches (5 cm), Mevo Plus is a discreet camera that captures and broadcasts your story without drawing attention to itself or disturbing the subjects or spectators.

Unless you make a show of it, it can go unnoticed for the entire duration of your live event. And even when people are aware of it, they can quickly forget that they are in front of a camera because of its size.

Like the previous model, the device connects to your mobile device through the Mevo app, making it possible to edit your live videos from your mobile device. The app is compatible with iOS 10.0 or higher and Android 6 or higher.

You don’t have to worry about shooting or streaming outdoors when it is drizzling, dropping the camera, or getting the lens dirty. This is because Mevo Plus comes in a sturdy, water-resistant casing that covers and protects the camera lens.

You can easily identify the different device modes from the colored ring light around the top of the device. Some of the colored lights and their meanings include:

  • White light: Power on
  • Solid green light: Battery is above 25%
  • Pulsing blue light over connectivity icon: Hotspot created
  • Solid blue light: Camera connected to Hotspot
  • Solid red light over connectivity icon: No connection to a network
  • Solid green light over connectivity icon: Device connected to a strong Wi-Fi network
  • Yellow light over connectivity icon: Weak Wi-Fi connection
  • Solid red light: Recording or streaming


Mevo Plus comes with built-in stereo microphones. You can also plug in external audio. It can stream up to Full HD 1080p to Livestream, Vimeo, and YouTube. It goes to a maximum of 720p streaming resolution for Facebook, Periscope, and Twitter.

The device has a power input of 100 – 240 VAC, 0.5A, and a battery that can last up to one hour when fully charged. Mevo Plus comes with a 150o all-glass lens, 4K optics, and 12.4 megapixels resolution for capturing first-rate stunning quality videos.

It records in 16:9 aspect ratio and at a frame rate of 30fsp. These features allow Mevo Plus to record your videos in 4k while streaming up to Full HD 1080p. You can mount the device on a microphone stand or any standard tripod by first attaching it to the cradle mount that comes in the box.

What’s in the Box?

  • Mevo Plus camera
  • Mevo cradle mount
  • 16GB Micro SD card
  • MicroSD-to-SD adapter cartridge
  • Power adapter (AC/USB)
  • 10 foot (3 meters) USB cable

Check out the current price here

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I record with the Mevo device without streaming?

A. Yes, you can. You can select the option to record or go live from the mobile app. In any case, going live will automatically save your event to a microSD card. You can decide to keep the recording or delete it at the end of your stream.

Q. I want to control Mevo from my computer. Is there a computer program that I can download for that purpose?

A. Unfortunately, the Mevo app only works on mobile devices and is available on Android and iOs devices. For now, there is no software or desktop application for Mevo.

Q. Can I stream my events to other platforms besides the ones listed on the Mevo app?

A. Yes, you can. You need to use the RTMP option on the app if you want to stream to other platforms besides Livestream, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and Periscope.

Q. Does the app work with video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet?

A. No, it doesn’t. Mevo is not an IP camera or a webcam. The device and app work by directly broadcasting your events to a couple of live-streaming platforms. It does not integrate with video conferencing systems such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Cisco, and others.

Q. Can the device stream and record at the same time?

A. Yes! By default, Mevo streams your event and records it to a microSD card at the same time. Your recording is saved with the same quality as your stream. It is recommended to leave the toggled on so that your recordings will be saved automatically. You can erase your recordings afterward if you don’t need them.

Q. Can I use the camera without the Mevo app?

A. No, you can’t. The Mevo camera does not record, live edit, or stream if it is not connected to the app through a Wi-Fi network or a Hotspot. The Mevo app is required to use the camera.

In Closing

There are quite a few differences between Mevo vs. Mevo Plus. First, Mevo Plus is designed with the latest wireless technology to guarantee stronger connectivity and improve data transmission. With Mevo Plus, the device can remain connected to your phone or tablet even if it is up to 100 feet away. That’s about five times the range of the regular Mevo.

Mevo Plus has been upgraded to include rock-solid dual 2X2 MIMO antennas and an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip. What that means is that you have a stronger connection even in noisy environments, and increased range for connectivity. In other words, you’ll be underutilizing Mevo Plus if the majority of your streaming events are in a confined space, like a small room.

Of course, everyone will want something with stronger and faster performance. Still, if you intend to stream longer events without worrying about battery, Mevo Start is your go-to streaming device.

Now that you’ve seen the comparison between Mevo vs. Mevo Plus, which of the cameras best suits your purpose?

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