April 15, 2024
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Notion To Do List: How to Make One That Works & Manage the Tasks

Notion To Do List: How to Make One That Works & Manage the Tasks

A to-do list is a classic way of prioritizing your tasks and staying organized. For people who want to always remain up to their tasks, creating a to-do list is a priority.

Finding a tool that makes a to-do list easy to create is a smart idea, and Notion is an excellent tool.

Notion is a task management app that lets you create, edit, and archive your tasks in many ways. Many people want their to-do lists to remain as traditional as possible. Notion has provisions that make this possible.

Notion To-Do List

Notion is a bit different from many strict task management apps since it relies on templates to create to-do lists. In addition to its many templates, the tool also has reminder add-ons to send notifications on mobile devices.

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How to Create Notion To-Do List

Let’s look at some methods of making to-do lists on Notion.

1. Notion Checklists

The easiest method for creating a to-do list is to use a Notion Checklist.

The Notion Checklist is similar to a Google Doc but with greater setups. It is ideal for recurring tasks or tasks that are a constant part of your week.

Here’s how to create a to-do list using the Notion Checklist:

  1. Open a blank page on Norton
  2. Give your page a title
  3. Type the days of the week on the page and arrange them as you want them to appear
  4. Customize them in the way that suits your task. You may choose to add color codes
  5. Choose the checklist function below each day of the week to type in your tasks on a new line
  6. Once the tasks are completed, check them on the list

For recurring tasks, simply uncheck all the tasks to present you with a fresh start at the start of a new day or week.

2. Notion Database To-Do List

As mentioned earlier, the Notion Checklist method is great for regular, recurring tasks. However, you may have to handle tasks that are not only unique but have a larger scope.

In that case, a checklist won’t do.

You’ll need to be able to break down your task into segments and organize them into categories that can be handled easily.

The Notion Database is helpful in this regard. Since you will be dealing with unpredictable or complex tasks, you want to have a robust to-do list to handle them appropriately.

Here’s how to create a Notion Database to-do list.

  1. Open a blank page
  2. Type a “/” on the blank page, and select the Table inline database
  3. On the table, enter a list of items you need to get done
  4. Edit each item to reflect the priority level of the task
  5. Add a checkbox to indicate when the task is completed
  6. Sort the database based on the type of task, its priority level, and due date

Because this to-do list offers more customization, it is ideal for big projects. But there’s even another kind of to-do list in Norton that is ideal for even bigger projects.

3. Linking and Filtering Databases

Keeping your to-do lists in one database is a good idea since you can always sort your tasks. You can create different types of views from your to-do list database. This is more practical if you have a very large project with a wider range of tasks.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open a blank page and create a Notion database (as explained in the previous steps)
  2. Once your master database has been created, type “/” outside the database
  3. Select the “Create linked database” function
  4. Create the necessary filters. You have two types of views. The Board view and the Table view. The board view displays all incomplete tasks, while the table view shows all completed tasks. You can change the view as necessary
  5. Arrange the two views to stay updated on your projects

4. Using Templates

With Notion, you can use a Notion Template to create to-do lists. This method is ideal for routine weekly tasks or when you have a hectic schedule.

To use templates:

  • Simply search for the Weekly Agenda template under the Personal menu. When you import it, you will see the days of the week as well as an archive box. Simply add tasks to the days
  • Under weekdays, click the plus (+) icon to reveal the type of items you can add. From the pop-up, choose To-Do to add tasks for a particular day
  • You can add as many tasks as possible per day
  • Remember, you can also set reminders and change due dates on your tasks. To set reminders, simply type “/” followed by “remind” and click on Date/Reminder. Next, set a date for a reminder
  • To change a due date, simply click on the current date, and select the option to edit the due date

5. Notion Kanban Boards

If you’re running a large project, Notion allows lots of flexibility in your to-do list. You can manage your to-do list by creating Kanban boards on your Notion page. Under activities, create cards.

These cards represent tasks on your to-do list, which can be updated and edited when you need to add details. Once you click on any card, you can update the task on that list. In other words, you can manage your tasks as you like with these cards.


In this quick guide, we’ve x-rayed five different ways to create to-do lists in Notion. Depending on the size of your task and the number of people involved, you can select the most suitable method to keep your work organized and right on schedule.

Although it has some limitations, like lack of detailed stats on completed tasks or the over-simplistic nature of the templates, Notion is still a very popular and effective tool for making to-do lists both for individuals and organizations.

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