May 21, 2024
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Setting Up a Trello to Do List – 5 Ways to Incorporate Personal Task Management

Setting Up a Trello to Do List – 5 Ways to Incorporate Personal Task Management

Everyone is a project manager of some sort. One way or the other, we’ve had to manage individual projects, doing our best to maximize productivity while saving cost and time.

Even if you’re not a project manager in the strict sense, the process is the same. If you can manage daily tasks appropriately on a personal level, you will likely do a good job of handling larger projects.

Incorporating Trello into your personal task management is an excellent way to increase productivity and achieve your goal, whether it’s planning for a house get-together, going on a trip, or even as simple as applying for an online program.

How Trello Works

Trello is a project management application that uses the Kanban board based approach. It organizes projects into “boards” (boards in Trello are Kanban view where tasks are arranged in a column-wise element called a list).

A Kanban boards is a great way to visualize your work and see how it flows from beginning to end.

In Trello, tasks are represented in the form of cards with detailed information. This type of view helps to plan projects and break them down into very simple tasks.

You can create lists with cards attached to them and then move cards from different lists to others as they are completed.

With its flexible and excellent layout, organizing your tasks and projects is very easy.

Trello is suitable for individuals and teams as well. With advanced features like Labels, Butler, Advanced checklists, and its ability to integrate with a collection of third-party apps and services, you have an application that would certainly make task management fun for you and encourages team collaboration.

For companies, Trello allows project managers to closely monitor the progress of tasks and share the same with clients. The app works in the same way for individuals, too. You are updated on the progress made in your tasks and how to maximize resources. One way to do this is by creating a to do list.

Setting up a to do list is an ageless practice of managing daily individual tasks. Doing this with Trello integration makes it all the more convenient.

Setting Up Trello To do List

When managing tasks for a productive day, the first step is creating a list of important things to do. That list serves as a guide so that no important task is left undone.

With Trello, you get updates on tasks on track, those at risk of being left undone, and tasks that have been completed.

Setting up a to do list with Trello is a smart way of achieving more in personal task management. Not only would it serve as a reminder to complete your tasks, but it will also organize tasks so you will complete them more efficiently.

Creating a to do list begins with clicking on the Add List feature to create lists. Trello has three lists on each project board: To do, in-progress, and completed.

Once you have created the to do list, you can add a Trello card to it, representing a specific task that is part of the overall project. A Trello card contains options that allow you to schedule important times and dates, label the tasks based on their priorities using colors, attach documents, and assign members (for large projects).

If you feel a task is too large, you can further break it down into subtasks. You can use the checklist option to do the breakdown.

5 Ways of Using Trello to Incorporate Personal Task Management

Now that we’ve seen how to create a to do list in Trello, let’s look at a few ways to effectively use the to do list and other features to incorporate greater task and project management on a personal level.

1. Create Weekly To do Lists

To do lists on Trello could be: Today, Tomorrow, and This Week. Instead of creating a to do list every day, you can save yourself the hassle and make your life easier by creating a weekly to do list for recurring tasks.

Creating a weekly to do list is as easy as creating a daily one. All you have to do is create a Trello board with multiple lists. Each list should correspond with the time of the week when you need to get the task done.

Your personal task management will be a lot easier with weekly to do lists.

2. Use Getting-Things-Done (GTD) Trello Boards

The GTD Trello board helps you get things done more efficiently by arranging your personal tasks in an orderly fashion.

With the GTD board, you capture everything that needs to get done in the inbox list. If the task is something that can wait, put it under Pending. GTD boards also help to rearrange unfinished tasks in your to do list for action at a later time.

This way, your mind is not clouded with random tasks that are yet to be done, and you can live every day more productively.

3. Prioritize Your Tasks with Eisenhower Matrix

Trello comes with the Eisenhower Matrix feature, which is a method that helps you prioritize tasks based on importance.

If you have many tasks scheduled, you may not know which is the most urgent. That’s where the Eisenhower matrix comes in.

Each scheduled task goes into the prioritization matrix (four quadrants with a recommended course of action). These are Incoming, Important/Urgent, Important/Not Urgent, Not Important/Urgent. With this, you can handle the most important things first before working on others.

4. Connect Trello to Other Personal Task Managers

If you have other personal task managers, connect them with Trello for overall better task management. With a workflow automation tool, you can easily synchronize your apps and get the best of both worlds.

5. Create Trello Master Boards

When you have too many boards you’re working on, you can use the 2-Way Board Sync Power-up feature to link your cards across boards. By creating a Trello Master board, you can easily track your tasks from one source.

With this project management tool, you can link your cards across different boards so that changes made to cards in one board will reflect the original.

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