May 21, 2024
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The Top 6 Notion Alternatives for Your Productivity Needs

The Top 6 Notion Alternatives for Your Productivity Needs

The Notion app is a great productivity tool that has become the go-to note taking app for many people, thanks to its all-in-one workspace that provides numerous functionalities, assisting users in their workflow.

That said, if Notion doesn’t quite suit your purpose, there are various Notion alternatives you can try. Here are the best Notion alternatives.


Think of Slite as a combination of Notion and Slack. The tool comes with a user interface that resembles both applications. Every document in Slite has an interface with options to make the channels private or public.

This Notion alternative app is also a collaboration tool that can be used in real time. The entire process of creating documents and tools using Slite is a lot easier than the Notion app.


  • The UI is easy to use
  • Has a better version control and history for documents
  • Great collaborative document system


  • Third-party support is limited
  • Notion has a much better database creation
  • Creates documents better than databases


OneNote is Microsoft’s alternative to Notion. OneNote provides a host of features that can aid note-taking and collaboration. It enables users to capture their ideas in a vast array of formats and neatly organize them.

OneNote also enables users to seamlessly access a note using the pin feature. When it comes to collaboration, the app is just as good as Notion as it comes with a shared notepad. Users can create to-do lists, which is an excellent efficiency tool.

OneNote offers customization and flexibility with all the notes syncing to the cloud via OneDrive. This means that all the notes can be accessed across all linked devices, making it a great project management tool and one that supports team collaboration.


  • Excellent collaboration
  • Enables users to create to-do lists
  • Efficient note-taking


  • It can be a bit cumbersome sometimes


Coda is a mobile app designed to suit teams. It can be described as a mix between Excel and Google Docs, with one exception; it enables users to build applications with it.

Coda provides various features, such as database functions, spreadsheets, organizing tools, and word processing. It equally offers flexibility, customization, and a plethora of templates. This Notion competitor allows for more productivity, and it isn’t as sluggish as Notion.

With Coda, users can integrate with major apps, including Google Calendar, GitHub, and Slack. This integration is extremely convenient as it allows you to channel your efforts and use multiple organizing tools on one platform rather than four or five.

Like Notion, Coda has a free plan that offers basic features. To get more features, such as unlimited document sizes, users can upgrade to the Pro Plan. The app is available on iOS, Android, and the web but comes at different pricing tiers.


  • Impressive array of templates
  • Quicker than Notion
  • Comes with spreadsheet, database, and word-processing functions


  • The learning curve is a bit steep
  • There are document size limits for free users


Evernote is built with a wide range of features that not only match Notion’s offering on performance but also help improve your workflow.

With Evernote, users get great note taking tool with features in a vast array of formats, such as texts, PDFs, photos, videos, sketches, and web clippings to name a few. In addition to letting you capture what you need, the app also allows you to organize and scan documents.

Evernote comes with an option to digitize handwritten notes, drawings, paper documents, and more. It takes things up a notch than Notion when it comes to working offline. Users can access their notes whether they are online or offline. The app can be accessed from all the major operating systems and comes with free and paid plans.


  • Works seamlessly offline
  • Provides access to 10GB worth of uploads monthly
  • Organizes and scans documents
  • Great note-taking feature


  • Leaves more to be desired in the productivity offering
  • One of the most expensive Notion alternatives on the market


Tettra has an internal knowledge management system that functions well not only with small teams but large teams as well. It is one of best Notion alternatives that supports third-party integrations to support team collaboration and a shared knowledge base.

Tettra also has integration with communication tools, such as G Suite and Slack, making it a lot easier to connect with team members for smoother project management. There is no need to leave the platform and head over to another just to communicate. It can be especially helpful in improving workflow because you can easily set automation and also set permissions for teams and individuals.

To top it all, Tettra offers a vast array of templates that provide users access to already-configured documents. This can help save a lot of time.

There is also a search feature that makes it a lot easier and quicker to find projects and documents. Tettra functions on the web and is available with free plans and paid plans.


  • Provides a host of features
  • Easy to use
  • Impressive array of templates
  • Wonderful third-party integrations


  • There aren’t any less expensive plans for smaller teams


Quip is an application that provides a wonderful experience while prioritizing collaboration. To do this, it integrates documents, slides, spreadsheets, and chats into one place, thereby improving workflow.

With Quip, you can seamlessly sync up with colleagues and work together. It can also be great for taking notes as well as creating and organizing task lists.

Quip enables users to import their address books from popular spaces such as Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, and Gmail. In addition, Quip seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Evernote.

Unlike Notion, it doesn’t provide a comprehensive service, but it can certainly meet the basic needs of a productivity app.

Quip is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the web. Plus, it offers both free and paid versions.


  • Great collaborative tool
  • Has integration with chats, spreadsheets, slides, and docs
  • Lets you import your address book from various widely-used services


  • Isn’t as powerful as Notion
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