May 21, 2024
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Trello Review – Pros and Cons of This Amazing Productivity Tool

Trello Review – Pros and Cons of This Amazing Productivity Tool

There’s a good reason Trello is the go-to choice for countless teams around the world when it comes to collaboration.

Not only has this productivity tool stood the test of time, but it is also very easy to use and suits any experience level.

While it is a great tool, it is not without a few downsides. We’ll look at the bright and not-so-bright sides of the app and allow you to make your decision.

Here’s a spoiler alert: Trello is a great app!

Trello: An Overview

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that enables you to organize and prioritize projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.

With Trello, users can say goodbye to spreadsheets and endless chains of emails. The online project management tool is equipped with built-in automation features and hundreds of integrations designed to boost productivity in teams.

Trello also gives users the power to collaborate with members of their team while running tasks on their projects without having to navigate from one app to another.

The visual project management tool makes it easy to see tasks and who they’ve been assigned to at a glance. The level of progress of each task is also displayed on each Trello.

Trello also allows tasks to be easily moved around the platform for easy tracking and accountability.

Trello features operational tools, such as boards, cards, and lists, which all have specific functions in the management of projects.

  • Boards are a series of lists that serve as the information center for projects. They have several cards attached and are packed full of powerful features.
  • Lists have project titles, while cards serve as task monitors. As each project progresses, users can move lists to relevant boards.

In a nutshell, the Trello board is a series of lists with a bunch of cards attached. Once you click the cards, you can drag and drop them from one list to another, providing a visual way to monitor the progress of your projects.

Why Is Trello Unique?

classic trello board

Trello is unique for many reasons, with collaboration topping the list.

The tool makes it easy to track what every member of a team is doing and shows what has been done. It also lets you see tasks that are yet to be completed.

This information is displayed for every team member to see, leading to better team collaboration and, of course, transparency.

Another unique thing about Trello is that it allows maximum customization with custom fields. It provides several tools that can be used to customize boards, such as shapes, colors, tags, icons, and list types.

The result is a very colorful interface that makes it easy for anyone to fall in love with project management.

It is not uncommon for the dashboard to become clumsy once in a while. This can make it a bit difficult to find tasks or other items. Thankfully, Trello comes with filters that can help you speed up searches on the dashboard.

Trello is also unique because of its amazing and flexible layout, which makes the organization of tasks very easy.

Trello Review: Main Features

Trello has some amazing features. Some of them include the following:


Butler is Trello’s AI assistant that helps you handle tedious tasks. You don’t need any special skills to deploy Butler; just activate it, and it’s ready to help you with multiple tasks.

Advanced Checklist

Checklists help you to break multiple projects down into smaller tasks. Advanced checklists allow you to further add details to the projects, like assigning the task to a member and specifying a due date.


Power-Ups is a feature that adds functionality to Trello boards. It allows you to connect with other apps you frequently use to manage your projects.


When you add a label to a Trello card, you prioritize, organize, and arrange it. With labels, you can make your Trello board more structured.

Trello also offers tutorials on how you can become a professional user in a few easy steps.

Trello Review: Pros

  • Trello is super easy to use even for beginners and small teams and is very easy to set up. The paid version is just as easy to use as the free version
  • Collaborating on projects with teammates is fun and easy with Trello team boards. It also makes integration with third-party services like Google Mail very seamless
  • The interface is pretty straightforward, making navigating very easy for Trello users
  • Trello can be customized according to the demands of a project, allowing for colored labels, tagging, due dates, and more
  • Projects are transparent and accountability is enhanced, giving clients greater trust in project managers
  • The Kanban board and Butler automation features make it easier to organize tasks while saving time with task management
  • Links, notes, and attachments can be added to a Trello card
  • Trello is an online application and is supported across several platforms, which means with app integration, you can use it anywhere and improve workflow automation

Trello Review: Cons

  • While it’s easy to move things around, the general structure for task management is rigid. Projects are contained in columns, which can make complex projects more difficult to visualize when you assign tasks
  • Not ideal for very large projects
  • Once you have too many cards in the same project, it takes a while to load the information. This can slow down your workflow management
  • The free version is quite limiting for larger groups, so you may need the paid version sooner than later
  • Trello is limited only to the Kanban board view mode
  • Trello doesn’t natively offer support for calendar integration. This feature is available with many other similar apps and task management tools. So, if you need calendar integration, you may want to look for a Trello alternative

Final Verdict

Indeed, a quick Trello review such as this one won’t do justice to all the amazing features of the online project management software.

Overall, the consensus is that Trello is not only reliable but also highly recommended. And we agree, too! That’s why the application remains a favorite for many Trello users, regardless of the size of the project.

Of course, Trello has a few downsides, but they are not significant enough to make your work unbearable.

We recommend Trello to everyone. You won’t regret using it.

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