May 21, 2024
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The 10 Best Productivity Apps for Mac to Improve Performance This Year

The 10 Best Productivity Apps for Mac to Improve Performance This Year

Over the years, various productivity apps from the App Store have effectively improved performance. If you are reading this, then you might be interested in improving your performance for the year. This quick guide provides the top 10 best productivity apps for Mac.

Let’s get right to it!


Taskade is a collaboration and project management tool for small teams. The productivity app revamps the concept of to-do lists by transforming the function into a visual platform for users to track the progress of projects and tasks.

Major features

  • Project management: Offers various features that allow team members to track the progress of projects
  • Live collaboration: Users can edit projects while communicating via live chat
  • Team roadmap: This feature allows you to manage and plan projects by setting deadlines and assigning tasks


Teamweek is a favorite app and project management tool that offers a unique view of the tasks of each team member.

Major features

  • Projects view: This feature enables you to keep track of your projects
  • Task management: You can break tasks into smaller sub-tasks and check them off the list once they are completed
  • Teams view: You can keep track of the workflow of each team member


Toggl is an iOS time tracking app that enables users to track how much time they spend on tasks. This Mac productivity app enables freelancers to record time spent on projects to ensure they create accurate invoices.

Major features

  • Boost profits: This feature allows freelancers to charge accurately for the amount of time needed to complete the projects
  • Time tracking: This feature enables users to see how much time a task will take to finish
  • Report: This allows users to see how productive they are and how much of their time is profitable

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote Everywhere is a jam-packed IT support tool that enables technicians to seamlessly and remotely access any machine registered to your account.

Major features

  • Mobile remote support: Technicians can provide technical support using their smartphones
  • Remote IT support: This feature provides support to remote workers, regardless of where they are in the world


While the free version of many calendar applications may be an okay choice, they do not offer the additional features that productive workers need. The best calendar app is Calendar, a better alternative that provides numerous features, such as connecting all your calendars into a single interface.

Major features

  • Synced events: You can create events in the Calendar or other calendar apps, and they will all sync automatically to any iOS device
  • One calendar: This ensures that all your calendars from Outlook, Google calendar, your iPhone calendar app, and more are kept in one place
  • Easy scheduling: You can easily schedule meetings without the back and forth emails
  • Meeting transcriptions: Provides automatic transcript of your meetings
  • Analytics: The application offers analytics reports, which can help increase your productivity


Trello is a productivity tool that is perfectly suited for collaborative teams. Trello is designed based on Kanban boards, with a Japan-inspired visual layout.

Tasks are added on the “To-Do,” “On-Going” and “Done” statuses to enable teams to track progress. You can group tasks into cards and boards, which have multiple tasks in them.

Major features

  • To-do lists: Enable users to create lists, assign the tasks to others, and manage due dates and tasks as they are completed
  • Project management: It is an effective project management app suited for collaborative teams
  • Instant messaging: Lets you talk to anyone on the team in real-time
  • Trello dashboard: Allow users to manage and create card lists containing to-do lists and tasks.


Slack is a messaging platform created for teams. The mobile app works great for remote workers. It comes with an instant messaging feature that is organized into channels, where every team member can join and leave at will.

Major features

  • Statuses: With this feature, users can set availability status so they can concentrate on individual tasks


Notion is considered a team’s long-term memory. It tends to be a more collaborative tool that can serve as a great alternative to Evernote.

Major features

  • Team Wiki: This feature enables users to create a knowledge base of integral guidelines and information
  • Docs and Notes: With this feature, you can share notes, media files, and documents
  • Life collaboration: Enables users to collaborate on tasks in real-time


Spark is a great email client that helps improve productivity. The Smart Inbox feature automatically groups your emails from each account. This allows you to filter emails that aren’t important while prioritizing important ones.

Major features

  • Smart notifications: Enables you to receive notifications for the most important emails
  • Smart Inbox: This allows you to clean your inbox. You can also locate any email on Smart Search while snoozing emails that aren’t important
  • Team email: This feature lets teams have private comments, share drafts, template replies, and instant chats for collaboration teams


Serene is a free app designed for remote teams and workers. With serene, you can define a goal for your daily activities and break them down into various tasks. You can also block out distractions.

Major features

  • App blocker: Enables you to block applications that can distract you from the task at hand
  • Website blocker: Blocks websites such as news websites and social media
  • Distraction-free sessions: This feature enables you to work 20 to 60-minute sessions, provided regular breaks are taken to maximize productivity
  • To-do lists: You can manage one-time and recurring tasks and ensure every team member complete assigned tasks
  • Session timer: These timers can allow you to check how much time you have for your task. Think of it as the necessary motivation to smash your goals
  • Day planner: With this feature, you can define your goal for the day, set multiple tasks, and get things done
  • Focus music: You can play music in the background to keep you relaxed and focused
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