July 13, 2024
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7 Ways to Use Trello Task Management for Improved Efficiency

7 Ways to Use Trello Task Management for Improved Efficiency

Everyone wants improved efficiency, whether at work or at home. Productivity is measured by the completion of tasks, so the more things we can get done in a day, the more fulfilled we would feel.

Thankfully, we can improve our efficiency using digital tools, such as Trello – the app that lets you organize your time better for greater productivity.

With Trello, you can organize just about anything: from work to leisure, and even a journey. As long as it is something that needs getting done, Trello can help you to do it better.

Managing your time for efficiency begins with project planning, and Trello is a great tool for organizing your time and creating a means of tracking your efforts.

However, you don’t suddenly become a master in organization and productivity simply because you now have Trello. That’s why this quick guide will share several important tips on how to get the most out of the tool.

Using Trello

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Trello allows you to organize projects, track their progress, and ensure accountability. From simple individual projects to complex multidisciplinary ones, Trello can be effectively used to manage them. The app is highly customizable and can be made to suit the demands of any kind of project.

One of the great things about the Trello project management tool is its simplicity. Both individuals and businesses can use this collaboration tool to manage recurring tasks and different projects very easily. In addition to its ease of use, Trello prioritizes collaboration, tracking, and automation.

The Trello Board

The Trello board is a series of lists that have attached cards you can use to assign tasks. When the cards are clicked, they are moved from one list to another. For example, you can move a card from To-do to Doing or Done list.

Trello organizes your tasks by labeling them on the order of priority. The labels are customizable and help you prioritize your tasks, organize the cards by teams, and arrange them by subject.

Here are seven ways to maximize Trello for improved efficiency.

1. Install the Trello Desktop App

The first thing to do is to install the Trello desktop app. While the online application is great for managing projects, there are some advantages to having the desktop version.

The most important and key feature of the desktop application is the enhanced notification system. Also, you can navigate the interface quite easily from the keyboard. The app comes with some very useful keyboard shortcuts for the desktop version. If you are a Mac user, the touch bar provides several other shortcuts.

Most applications are customized to work effectively on mobile devices, and Trello is not an exception. But for optimum features, it is best to download the desktop version.

2. Streamline with Trello Templates

We all know that templates make life much easier. To manage time more effectively and reduce unnecessary hassles, consider using Trello templates.

If you’re working with a team on a project, templates help carry everyone along since they can be used by every team member. This allows for uniformity which is a key ingredient in project management.

In addition to saving lots of time and effort, templates are particularly helpful for beginners. That’s because newbie users can use templates as tutorials to learn the ropes of the app.

3. Drag and Drop URLs

With Trello, you don’t need to go through the hassle of copying and pasting URLs.

If you need to add a URL to a Trello card from another tab, you can simply drag and drop it there. Once the address has been highlighted, drag it into the Trello board in the desktop app. Make sure the cursor is at the very card you want the URL added.

4. Turn Email Into Trello Cards

Trello allows you to turn the content of an email into a card. All you need to do is to forward the email message to the Trello board you have chosen. The content will be converted into a Trello card immediately.

You can find a unique email address for every Trello board by simply opening the menu and clicking on “More” before selecting Email-to-Board Settings. After this, copy the mail address and select the list where you want the new cards to appear.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to type in any title for the card. The email’s subject line automatically becomes the card’s title, while the description is the body.

If the email has any attachments, they are automatically attached to the file. It is important to note that attachments cannot be more than 10MB. However, they can reach 250 MB for premium users.

You can also add labels and members to the subject line from the email.

5. Copy and Paste from a Spreadsheet

When copying from a spreadsheet, Trello allows you to customize the entries. If you want to turn each cell into a card or you want a whole list on one card, the app allows you to do as you wish.

Trello can easily manage blocks of spreadsheet cells into information that would be very useful for your different projects and individual tasks.

6. Automate Routine Tasks

Whenever you do routine tasks on Trello, use the Butler feature to automate them. For example, if you always archive a card after completing a task and moving it to the “Done” list, the Butler feature can help you do that automatically. That means once a task is completed, you don’t have to do the archiving yourself.

7. Connect Cards and Boards to Other Cards

When files are attached to Trello, you have the option of attaching another card. To attach a card, simply click the attachments button, choose Trello as the source, and choose a card and board from the list of available ones that show up.


Using Trello as your project management tool can be fun and exciting when it comes to workload management. That’s because it has templates and is very easy to use, making it exciting to complete tasks. Use Trello, and you can improve your productivity and workflow by a lot!

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