April 15, 2024
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Notion App Review – Underrated Productivity App That You Should Try

Notion App Review – Underrated Productivity App That You Should Try

Notion is an all-in-one, flexible productivity tool that can bring lots of solutions to your business challenges. It is a note-taking app designed to help you manage projects and do so much more.

The app combines the effectiveness of so many other productivity apps, especially with task management and organization.

Some of its main features include pages, task lists, a Kanban board, and dashboard. Plus, the Notion app is highly customizable. Let’s take a closer look with our Notion app review below.

The Notion App at a Glance

Notion is by far the easiest way to work with data in documents. It offers functionality and ease for teams while providing collaboration in real-time for serious tasks.

Like most project management tools, Notion allows teams to share files and lets team leaders assign tasks, set due dates and reminders to ensure greater collaboration.

Notion App is an all-in-one workspace where you can write, plan, collaborate, and get organized while allowing you to take notes. The app has a simple design and provides building blocks that let you create layouts and toolkits to get work done and create a more collaborative workspace.

Why Should You Try the Notion App?

There are many reasons you should give Notion App a try.

First, it is very easy to use. Plus, you can use the desktop app or use it on your mobile device through the mobile app. It is extremely simple and lets you dump as many volumes of information yet autosaves them and makes them even easier to retrieve.

The app has a series of templates that can fit into whatever task you want to execute. It is a visualization app that provides a clear roadmap for projects. It makes collaboration among many teams very easy and efficient and has several tools that make your project task list easier.

Notion also takes security seriously. For this reason, the Amazon CloudTrail feature is always active. The app ensures all data on the system is encrypted, and it runs the entire information on the cloud within a VPN to ensure the security of your information.

Notion App Features

notion app features

1. Website Building

With several template options available to choose from, Notion makes building a website very easy. Once your page is done, the app makes it accessible by providing a link.

Notion offers lots of tools that make it easy to build websites if you need one for your business.

2. Project Planning

As a project planning tool, Notion is excellent for helping teams achieve goals faster. It allows teams to know how well projects are progressing, who is working on what, how much time they have left, how much is being spent on each task, and who need to buckle up for the task to be completed on time.

Notion breaks down projects into achievable tasks, simplifying complex scenarios into smaller bites that are easy to understand.

One way it does this is by arranging projects and tasks in attractive and easy-to-understand views. With Notion, you can create a Timeline Database that provides an overview of all the tasks in one simple view.

Regardless of the number of pages that you have to deal with it or the volume of data you have to handle, the app allows you to have everything presented in an orderly fashion.

3. Note-Taking

For your documentation, Notion is designed to take the stress off you. With its meeting notes database, you can customize your content and retrieve it easily.

Notion is a note taking app that ensures documentation leads to greater collaboration among teams since they can easily access information from their knowledge base needed to keep projects moving forward.

4. Workflows

The Notion app has five design workflows that make updating and sharing information easier.

5. Layout

Notion has a great layout, meaning you can never be lost while working. Everything you need to get your job done is at your disposal, and you can easily drag content from one place to another to rearrange them as you deem fit.

Notion also collaborates with many other tools, so it is very unlikely to lose sight of any important information.

6. Wiki

Notion has a powerful tool known as Wiki. With this feature, all important information relating to a project is stored. This provides a centralized and streamlined source of data and information.

Wiki can be deployed to answer questions when team members need urgent information to work with, especially for a project or firm. The great thing about Wiki is that it can be customized to suit different needs.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Has a desktop app and mobile app
  • Several useful templates for generating documents and databases
  • Functional layouts that make content creation easy
  • Makes content very easy to share
  • Has a powerful syntax
  • Large online community that you can leverage when you need ideas on how to get the best out of the application
  • Provides options for endless customizations. You can also create a template for literally anything and organize your work anyhow you like
  • Very easy to use and provides a good user experience
  • Has high capacity for creating new tasks, docs, and databases
  • Encourages a collaborative workspace
  • New habit tracker tools that allows teams and individuals to blend everyday work apps into one


  • Can be pretty slow to start up
  • Navigating the app on some devices may present a lot of lag
  • Building and changing new layouts can be tasking
  • Does not have a very functional offline mode
  • Often difficult to start new templates because of so many options
  • Does not integrate with many services
  • Slow compared to intuitive apps like Google Drive and Docs
  • Can’t track dates because it has no integration with Google Calendar, and there is no option to have a calendar view of the database
  • Despite its ease of use, new users may find it a bit difficult to learn how to use it


The Notion app might be quite simple, but it is capable of doing a lot. You can easily adjust the app to your liking.

With Notion, you can create as many pages as you like, connect them to other sites, and easily collaborate with team members. We hope our Notion review has opened your eyes to how this task management app can help.

Try it today!

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